Rackspace Cloud Backup: Be Ready For The Unexpected

We’ve all been there: your monitor flickers, a blue screen pops up, the whir of the server hard drive goes silent and whatever it was that you were working on is long gone. You may be able to dig back into the recesses of your hard drive and recover an early-stage version; but that’s if you’re lucky.

Now imagine this on a grander scale; the critical files that your website or application need — and essentially run your business — are lost due to a server hardware failures, software failures or other interruptions.  Scary stuff.

Don’t fret. With Rackspace Cloud Backup the files stored on your Cloud Servers or Managed Cloud Servers are safe. Cloud Backup is file-based, as opposed to image-based, meaning you can restore and update a single file, versus having to back up the whole server image. You can specify which files and folders you backup and restore, or, if you want, you can restore the entire backup.

Managed Cloud Servers customers have been using Cloud Backup for months, and today we’ve made Cloud Backup generally available to all Cloud Servers customers. Whether you’re the developer, system administrator, business owner or you wear multiple hats, Rackspace Cloud Backup protects you from the unexpected. If hard drives fail on the host server (and unfortunately this is unavoidable), or you lose a file – and we’ve all done that – you can get back to normal quickly with the ability to rapidly restore your critical data.

And Cloud Backup is more affordable than many traditional uncompressed backup offerings – up to 10 to 20 times in some cases — because of the compression features and because it is an incremental backup tool that only copies changed portions of files instead of the entire file. This increases efficiency and can dramatically reduce storage costs and restore times.

We also know that you may want to add some additional security to your data and files so Cloud Backup is fortified with optional AES-256 encryption – your data is encrypted before it even leaves the Cloud Server and while at rest with a passphrase that only you know.

Cloud Backup integrates with the new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel to make it simple to schedule and manage backups and restore files on the fly. You can monitor current and historical activity for each of your backups and keep versions of the files changed since the last backup for 30 days, 60 days or indefinitely. You can setup email notifications for backup completions and there is no limit to the number of backups or their size.

This all means you can protect your business inexpensively – focus on your customers and not on performing time-consuming backups.

For our Cloud Servers customers, we’re offering a special promotion of no per server charges for Cloud Backup until October 1. Following the promotion, Cloud Backup will cost approximately $10 per server per month. There is no per server charge for Managed Cloud customers.  Be sure to check out the Knowledge Center articles on Rackspace Cloud Backup listed here.

And, as always, Rackspace Cloud Backup is backed by our trademark Fanatical Support. We’re available to help you 24x7x365 … or when the unexpected happens.

For a demo of Rackspace Cloud Backup, check out this video:



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