Rackspace Cloud Defines Three Cla-SaaS-ic Mistakes

At SaaScon 2009, Emil Sayegh, General Manager of the Rackspace Cloud, presented his perspective on cloud computing from the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) point of view.  We managed some FLIP video that serves as a good primer on common mistakes SaaS companies make that lead them diving into the cloud – sometimes a little later than they would have liked.

Watch the video for the full flavor. Emil does a great job couching the problems SaaS companies face and why cloud computing promises so much. If you’re at a SaaS company or planning to start one, these points serve as helpful tips and reminders.

The Three Cla-SaaS-ic Mistakes:

  1. Failing to Think About Scaling
  2. Focusing on Things That Don’t Add Value
  3. Planning Around Peak

Scaling. For SaaS companies, success equals traffic. When the Big Day comes and your site gets massively Tweeted, Dugg, or blogged about, it’s hard to burst into the cloud.  Burst before the Big Day.

Consider your precious start-up resources. Should they go into datacenter infrastructure expenses and operations? Or should they go towards refining and perfecting your unique innovation and delivering value to your customers that they really care about?

Are you Nostradamus? (Borrowed from Emil.) Planning your datacenter around a forecasted peak that may be much smaller/bigger, shorter/longer than expected simply makes no sense from an ROI perspective anymore.

Why Cloud? Why now? Start with Emil’s excellent definition of the Cloud:

  1. A set of pooled computing resources (lower CAPEX)
  2. Delivered over the web (lower OPEX)
  3. Powered by software (focus on your value add)

This simple definition helps easily explain the radically faster, better, easier, cheaper promise of cloud computing that comes from a service like our Cloud Sites that allows you to:

  1. Order online
  2. Pay as go (no obligation, no contracts)
  3. Scale when you need it most

Let your focus and your resources always be in the service of your customers and the value you bring them.

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