Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) Now Available For US & UK Cloud Customers

Daniel Morris is the Sr. Product Manager for Platform

Back in March, we announced that we are actively developing a Cloud DNS solution and that we were seeking customers to participate in our Cloud DNS private beta phase.

Since then, our engineers and our private beta customers have been evaluating and testing the Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) along with the API.  Our private beta customers have provided us critical feedback on what works well and what improvements needed to be made.  We’re pleased to announce the availability of Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) to all US and UK Cloud customers.

Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) automates and simplifies your Domain Name System management and has the features you’ve been asking for, including:

• REST-based API
• New Record Types
• Performance Improvements
• Comprehensive Management Capability
• Full TTL Control
• Simplified Migration

If you want to learn more, click here for a PDF document that gives additional details or go to the Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) web page here.

As part of the next phase of this project, we will be completely overhauling the DNS management sections of the cloud control panel.  We will be exposing the full set of capabilities that are available via API, including management of TXT records, TTL settings, import/export and more.


If you are interested, I’m sure you are wondering about the price.  Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) is FREE.  That’s right, there is no cost for using the Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) in combination with other Rackspace Cloud products!  Existing Cloud Servers™, Cloud Servers with a managed service level, Cloud Sites™, and RackConnect™ customers have access to the Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) by default.


Implementation and management of our Cloud DNS (Beta) solution is available through our API. To use our API, customers should have a general understanding of DNS management and be familiar with:

• RESTful Web Services
• JSON and/or XML Data Serialization Formats

To get started, download the API Developers Guide at http://docs.rackspace.com/api/

Getting Started

If you are ready to start using Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta), it’s an easy three step process:

1.    Sign-Up for a Rackspace Cloud Account
a.    If you don’t have a Rackspace Cloud account, go to the Order Now page and sign up for an account. Once you have a Rackspace Cloud account, you automatically have access to the Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) using your existing Rackspace Cloud Authentication credentials.  Before you begin, take a look at the Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) Developers guide here for information on accessing and authenticating with the service.

2.    Create or Import Domains
a.    Using the Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) API, use the “Create Domains” or “Import Domains” API operation to start managing your domains.  Note: If you are already using the DNS management capabilities of the Cloud control panel, then all your existing domains will be capable of being managed from the API.

3.    Begin Managing your Domains
a.    Leverage the API to list, add, modify, and remove domains and records as needed.

Let us know if you have any questions about our new offering.  If you need the ability to automate and simplify your Domain Name System management, we hope you try our new Rackspace Cloud DNS (Beta) offering.


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    • Ric,

      There are currently no plans to charge for the service when it becomes generally available. As long as you are an existing Cloud Servers™, Cloud Servers with a managed service level, Cloud Sites™, and/or RackConnect™ customer, and you are using Rackspace Cloud services, you will have access to the service without incurring additional fees.



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