Rackspace Cloud Does Droid

    Version 1.0 of the Rackspace Cloud Android app is now available in the Android Market.  This initial version helps you easily and quickly administer your Cloud Servers on the go, and includes the following features:

    • List all Cloud Servers in your account
    • Create new Cloud Servers (including from any existing backups)
    • Delete Cloud Servers
    • Resize Cloud Servers
    • Perform Hard and Soft Reboots

    Also, this app is open source!  If you’d like to see how it works (or even better, contribute), you can get the source at Github.

    • This is awesome — could have used this yesterday, although I’m sure I’ll need to use it in the future.

      • Jack

        Awesome! Great Job Mike!!

    • SWEEEEEEEEEET! Will download on my Google Nexus One!

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    • Awesome! Great Job Mike!!

    • Zeb

      I can’t find it in the market? was it removed

      • Is your OS up to date? You may need to update before you’re able to see it in the market. I don’t have an Android device on me at the moment, so I’ll have to take a look later.

    • Sue

      I have a google Nexus one and I can’t wait to have this… two thumbs up for this… good job!

    • Mike,

      Great job on this. Where do you keep your wish list for future features? I’d like to be able to click on a server’s public IP address to SSH to it from an SSH client I have installed on the Droid. At the very least, I’d like to be able to long press the IP address to copy it into the paste buffer. Please advise.



      • Mike Mayo

        Thanks! I like this idea. I’ll add either a copy or SSH option to the app.

    • Scott Call

      It would be nice to add total for the month bandwidth usage per server.

      • Mike Mayo

        I will definitely add it when it becomes available in the API, but at this point that’s not possible.

    • Jeremy

      So when will there be a cloud sites app?

      • Mike Mayo

        I’ll definitely build a Cloud Sites app at some point, but there needs to be an API for it. Once it’s available, I’ll add support for it to all the Rackspace Cloud mobile apps.

    • Can’t see it on my HTC Hero.

      • Glenn

        Cant see it my htc hero either 🙁

        • Mike Mayo

          The app is built for Android 1.6 or greater, so I would think you could see it. Which version are you on?

          • I also didnt have this showing on my hero.

            I’ve downloaded the .apk file and have received an error saying that the application cant be installed on my phone.

            Should this work on the hero?

            • Mike Mayo

              Other people I’ve talked to with a Hero have been able to install it after updating to Android 2.1. It should work on 1.6 (it does on my Dev 1 phone), so I’m looking into it.

            • It looks like the hero currently runs 1.5
              HTC have released an upgrade to 2.1 but only for the sprint version not the one the rest of the world uses.

    • Anas

      Awesome, but I don’t have an access to the Android Market on my phone. Can you provide a direct link to download the apk file from the browser?


    • Sweet, but this is what you’ve been doing instead of promised features on with the neglected cloud sites platform? A cloud sites API seems like one of the single most beneficial tools to those clients, and the forums support this. The mobile rage is important, but is it really that important to your bottom line. I’m currently looking for a cloud hosting solution with my main differentiator being whether or not they provide an API, not whether or not they have new media apps.

      • Mike Mayo

        We have been doing this in addition to Cloud Sites work. I primarily work on mobile apps and open source projects, so I’m not sure when the Cloud Sites team will have an API available. I hope to see it soon as well, and I’m confident that we will.

    • This is great. I am actually running our Android site, AndroidAuthority.com, on a cloud server. This is a pleasant bit of serendipity: An Android app for controlling my Android site. If you could provide a simpler way to remote shell in, that would be awesome. I already can do it with other apps, but one app for both would be great.

      • Mike Mayo

        I hope to add shell features to it later. It’s all a matter of how complex that would be.

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    • Landykos

      What version of Android does this require?

      • Mike Mayo

        Android 1.6 or greater.

    • I installed the app and then quickly removed it. What if I lose my phone? The login form values are saved so anyone could just go in and delete my servers. Even if I could clear the login form, I can’t memorize a 32-character API key. Until I can log in with a memorable password that doesn’t get saved anywhere on the phone I don’t feel this app is safe to use.

      • Mike Mayo

        At this point, there’s no way to authenticate to the Rackspace Cloud API with a human-readable password. I could, however, add a local password lock system much like the new one in the iPad app. Would you feel comfortable with that?

        • Thanks for the response. I haven’t seen the iPad app so I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but assuming it’s another password, specific to the phone-installed app, that blocks access to the app, and assuming that you really can’t access anything (API key or app functionality) without that password, yes, I think I’d be comfortable with that.

    • Finally! Was waiting for you guy’s to release it. Btw your PR guy forgot to send me Press Release info (Promise was broken!)

      I hate that.

      Anyway, love the app…I also use connectbot to connect to my servers via ssh 🙂

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    • Where do I get the API key?

      • Mike Mayo

        It’s at manage.rackspacecloud.com. I’ll update the app description in the Android Market.

    • Sorry, ignore that, found it…

    • I love you Rackspace Cloud. Thank you for working on this, and releasing it.

    • tklettke

      Nice tool, thanks for sharing it.
      I have the following suggestions for future releases:

      1. Save the API key with the settings, but let me pick a password to login to the application. (Right now there is very little protection if I lost my Droid, and the finder starts playing with rebooting servers, or worse – deleting them.) Deleting and entering the API key each time is not practical – too long to memorize.
      2. Ability to setup different profiles: I maintain more than one Rackspace Cloud account, would like to be able to manage the others as well.


    • Steve

      I have a brand new android phone and that app is nowhere to be found it the marketplace

      • Get in touch. My email is mike.mayo@rackspace.com and my phone number is 901-299-9306. A few people have had this problem, but I’ve checked against multiple generations of phones with no trouble.

    • Joan

      Hi Mike,

      Congrats for a great app!

      For adding the aforementioned ssh support you could try to look at connectbot : http://code.google.com/p/connectbot/

      Also, it would be nice to have multiaccount support.


    • Jerry

      It’d be great if, when searching RSCloud KB there was mention of the iPhone app. Doing a search for iPhone yields zero results.

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    • Philip Sbrogna

      Agreed on Mr. Reisner’s comment above about security- but I think the phone’s high level password protection options (ie. for the desktop) should cover that concern.

      I’d like to raise another issue; it would be nice if the app supported multiple accounts. I have my employer’s cloud account, my personal cloud account and then there’s anybody I do some consulting on the side for… If you want to help me help you, I recommend multi-account support.

    • Luis

      Since the change to OpenStack, I’m not have to manage my next-gen cloud servers from the android app. Is there any good app to do that?

    • You updated the iPhone/iPad app to support next-gen cloud servers — please do get the Android app updated also. Really annoying to have it lagging behind like this.

      • Jez

        Agreed – Please give some indication that you are taking it seriously as an app on Android otherwise its not really fanatical support is it.

      • Mike Mayo

        The app is indeed currently being updated to support the next gen cloud. I’m not sure of a release date, as I’m not working on this app anymore, but it’s definitely in the works.