Rackspace Cloud Files Can Now Store Your SharePoint Data

Today, Rackspace partner AvePoint, announced that they had enabled their award winning DocAve suite of products to be able to use Rackspace Cloud Files as a repository for SharePoint data.  This is exciting as it enables the use of a highly available, redundant storage location for SharePoint data outside of SQL server.  Once you download their software and setup a Cloud Files account – all you have to do is configure Cloud Files as a data repository in the DocAve Manager.  After that, data is seamlessly transferred to the Rackspace cloud but still managed and accessed from SharePoint.

Below you will find two videos that show a farm being restored from the Rackspace cloud and also files being stored in the Rackspace cloud but being access from within SharePoint.

Restore From Cloud

Extension Archiver

If you have any further question, feel free to contact me via email: jeff.deverter@rackspace.com

Jeff is a chief technologist for Rackspace. He has been working with SharePoint since the early 2003 product year and is the architect and builder of Rackspace’s SharePoint support offering. Jeff has designed and installed over 150 SharePoint farms for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 firms. Today he is the GM of the Rackspace Microsoft Private Cloud group.



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