Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers (Beta) Now Available For All US Cloud Customers

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Josh Odom[1] leads the Platform Product Line

Last November, we announced[2] that we were actively developing a high-performance, on-demand cloud load balancing solution and were seeking customers to participate in our cloud load balancers private beta phase.

Since then, our engineers and our private beta customers have been evaluating and testing our cloud load balancers along with the API.  Our private beta customers have provided us critical feedback on what works well and what improvements needed to be made.  We’re pleased to announce the availability of cloud load balancers (Beta) to all Rackspace US Cloud customers.

Our cloud load balancers include features our customers have been asking for and  features unique in the industry, including:
•    Static IP addresses
•    Support for multiple protocols
•    Advanced algorithms
•    Built-in high availability
•    Health checks
•    Advanced access control
•    Session persistence
•    REST-based API
•    Connection logging
•    Connection throttling

If you want to learn more, click here for a PDF document [3]that provides additional details.


Implementation and management of our cloud load balancer solution is currently available only through our API.   In the near future, we will integrate the cloud load balancer into the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.  To download the API Guide, click here[4].   In order to use our API, you should have a general understanding of the load balancing service and be familiar with:
• RESTful Web Services
• HTTP/1.1 Conventions
• JSON and/or XML Data Serialization Formats
• ATOM Syndication Format


You pay for each cloud load balancer (instance) by the hour + the number of concurrent connections + bandwidth.  There are no upfront base fees.  Here are the details:

Note*: Concurrent connections are a measure of average utilization over an hour based on 5 minute polling.

Bandwidth for Rackspace cloud load balancers is calculated separately:
•    Bandwidth (Out) is $0.18 per GB
•    Bandwidth (In) is $0.08 per GB

Getting Started

Well…are you ready to add a cloud load balancer?   It’s an easy three step process:

1.    Add a cloud load balancer. If you already have a Rackspace Cloud account, use the “Create Load Balancer” API operation.  If you don’t have a Rackspace Cloud account, go to the Order Now page[5] and get yourself an account….then use the “Create Load Balancer” API operation.
2.   Configure cloud load balancer. Using our API, select name, protocol, port, algorithm, and which servers you need load balanced.
3.   Enjoy your cloud load balancer which will be online in just a few minutes. Using our API, each cloud load balancer can be customized or removed as your needs change.

In the near term, we expect to announce general availability that will include our industry leading service level agreement (SLA) and access via the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.   We are very excited and can’t wait to hear from you about our new cloud load balancers offering.

  1. Josh Odom: http://twitter.com/jrodom
  2. announced: http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/blog/2010/11/09/announcing-cloud-load-balancing-private-beta/
  3. click here for a PDF document : http://broadcast.rackspace.com/downloads/pdfs/Rackspace_Cloud_Load_Balancers.pdf
  4. To download the API Guide, click here: http://docs.rackspacecloud.com/loadbalancers/api/clb-devguide-latest.pdf
  5. Order Now page: https://signup.rackspacecloud.com/signup

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