Rackspace Cloud Now Offers Relational Database-as-a-Service through Partner FathomDB

    Michelle Greer, Sr. Mgr. Corporate Development

    The Rackspace Cloud is proud to announce its partnership with FathomDB, a relational database-as-a-service that got quite a buzz when it launched. FathomDB is a service that will make the day-to-day operations of running a database much simpler, allowing you to focus on higher end tasks of your application.  We see this as a product that will help push MySQL to do bigger and better things.  It is one of the many useful services at our Rackspace Cloud Tools site.

    Unless you are one of very few companies, you run your database on MySQL or another relational database.  Whether you are a dedicated DBA or simply the guy who is the most familiar with MySQL, you’ll benefit by FathomDB’s ability to automate backups as well as monitor database performance issues as they arise. There’s no point in guessing how well your database is scaling as you grow because FathomDB shows you.

    Here’s a summary from the thorough review at blog.webmynd.com:

    “The time savings have been huge. On the backend, we’ve been able to spend our time working on new search technology without having to worry about database admin tasks at the same time. We’ve been able to focus on valuable features, relevant to our business and company, and been liberated from spending time playing the DBA.”

    We see this as a strong offering against Amazon RDS because it is easy to set up, easy to use, and has a graphical interface not available in RDS.  It does not feature the lock-in you get by using RDS either.

    The service starts at two cents an hour and varies according to server and disk space usage.  For the peace of mind that your database is always properly backed up and running properly, it’s worth it.  For more info, please visit FathomDB.com or attend our webinar featuring FathomDB founder Justin Santa Barbara on December 22 at 1 PM CST.
    Read the full press release here.

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    1. Absolutely, Gordy. Rackspace’s philosophy on our cloud is that we do not want to get you reliant on products that lock you in. If you use FathomDB, you can use it with us, Slicehost, or Amazon. If you use Amazon RDS, you HAVE to use it with Amazon.

    2. is the db server actually on Rackspace’s cloud or somewhere else? just wondering about latency. with Rackspace cloud my servers get a nice low-latency internal IP – wondering if this is the same for FathomDB.

    3. I think it’s great you’re moving in the direction of offering cloud database services. However, there is still a ways to go: For FathomDB to be something I’d consider, it would have to be completely integrated with the Rackspace Cloud (i.e., I should be able to sign up for it at rackspacecloud.com and manage it using the same control panel as Cloud Files and Cloud Servers). Backup + maintenance is so easy with Cloud Servers anyway that the real advantage of FathomDB (the “extra” you get from choosing FathomDB over your own MySQL installation on a Cloud Server) seems to be limited to the analytics tools.

      The ultimate solution would be a cloud database solution that scales automatically (like Cloud Files) so that more RAM is applied when needed (the programmer would still have to avoid poor database design, etc., but that’s a different story), but since no one seems to offer this, I’m guessing it’s not really possible to do?

      Anyways, good luck with your efforts!

      • Jonas,

        In terms of integration, we have no current plans but if it is something enough customers ask for, of course we’d consider it.

        In terms of features, FathomDB will be coming out with more features in the future. Please also note that analytics are actually quite useful to a lot of companies. I worked for a software company that had issues with its database. If it had diagnosed the problem sooner, we could have saved our customers a lot of hassle.

        Thank you for your feedback. If you would like more news on FathomDB, you can follow Justin on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/fathomdb.


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