Rackspace Cloud Servers With A Managed Service Level Integrates Rackspace Cloud Backup

Rackspace has just launched an Early Access Program for a fully integrated file-based backup service for Managed Cloud Servers that gives you more choices and control over the backup and restoration of critical data.

This new backup service, called Rackspace Cloud Backup, serves as a great companion to the existing snapshot backup functionality. Unlike snapshots, Rackspace Cloud Backup allows you to select specific files and folders, along with  backup job periodicity, giving you a virtually unlimited number of options to help protect your data. Whether you want to backup your website files every day, a log folder every week or a single file every hour, there is almost no limit to how you can customize backups.

We have also incorporated industry-leading backup features into this service, including incremental updates, block level compression and file de-duplication, which make backups extremely fast and efficient. Of course security is always a high priority; and Rackspace Cloud Backup enables data to be encrypted on the host using your own personally generated encryption key.  If you select the optional encryption service, Rackspace Cloud Backup uses industrial-strength AES-256 encryption.

Additionally, Rackspace Cloud Backup incorporates the ability to easily restore backed up data. With a few simple steps, the restoration process can bring back an entire backup or any subset of files and folders from nearly any point in time. You also have the option to restore data from any backup to other Cloud Servers as well.

Backups are a fundamental component of any computing platform and Rackspace Cloud Backup makes the experience on Managed Cloud Servers extremely simple.

To learn more about the Rackspace Cloud Backup Early Access Program, click here.

Below are a few frequently asked questions (but feel free to reach out to us if you have more):

Q. How much does Rackspace Cloud Backup cost?
A.  All backups are sent to your personal Rackspace Cloud Files account. There are no bandwidth fees, but you will be charged the monthly storage rate of $0.15 per GB per month.  Other than the standard Cloud Files storage fee, there are no additional charges for using Rackspace Cloud Backup for Managed Cloud customers.

Q. How do I get the service?
A. Currently, Rackspace Cloud Backup has been offered to select customers that have Cloud Servers with a managed service level. Those customers can click the “Cloud Backup” option in the Cloud Control Panel to begin using the service.   Rackspace Cloud Backup is not currently available via an API.  To learn how to get started, please check out the following Knowledge Center article link.

If you have Cloud Servers with a managed service level and are interested in participating in the Rackspace Cloud Backup Early Access Program, please contact your Account Manager.

Q. Are my backups automatically configured when I create my Cloud Server with a managed service level?
A. No, backups are not automatically configured when you create a server.  It is up to you to configure and initiate backups of each of your servers.  Now, you have the option of creating image backups (click here to learn how) and/or file-based backups using Rackspace Cloud Backup (click here to learn how).

Q. When can customers with Cloud Servers without the managed service level begin using Rackspace Cloud Backup?
A. We are working to bring Rackspace Cloud Backup to each and every Cloud Server in the future. However, that timeline has not been finalized. We hope to launch it as soon as we can.


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