Rackspace Cloud Sites: Past, Present, Future!

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UPDATE: We have heard requests to extend the PHP 5.2 upgrade and are postponing this upgrade date for one month, moving from July 31 to August 31. PHP 5.2 was removed as a selectable technology option in June, and sites will be upgraded to PHP 5.3 beginning after August 31. Please ensure that your application or CMS solution is running the latest PHP 5.3 compatible version to avoid issues in this upgrade. We encourage users to validate that their sites are ready for PHP 5.3 prior to this upgrade in September. We will be contacting customers with test links to assist in this validation. Customers can manually upgrade sites to PHP 5.3[1] using the steps detailed in this article, but we encourage users to allow us to do the upgrade for you. Note that if you do the upgrade yourself, you will be unable to revert back to PHP 5.2.

First and foremost, thank you for being a Cloud Sites customer. Rackspace Cloud Sites[2] celebrated its sixth birthday this past February. To honor the occasion, we’d like to take you on a journey through where Cloud Sites has been, where it is now and where it’s headed.


In six years, we have grown with our customers and learned a lot. Like any other new and innovative product in the market, Cloud Sites had its growth challenges. We want to thank all of our customers for not only sticking with us, but also for helping us evolve the product into what it is today. Currently more than 400,000 sites that handle more than 500 billion web requests per year reside on Cloud Sites. Altogether, this makes Cloud Sites one of the largest web properties in the world! Take a look at the numbers in the Cloud Sites infographic[3].


Even after six years we know there is so much more to achieve. We are laser-focused on customer feedback and very excited about the future of Cloud Sites. Here’s a recap of some of the things that we have done over the last few months:


Cloud Sites has evolved over time, fueled by customer needs, technologies and market trends. And that evolution will continue.

You will see regular releases of features and updates that will add value to your hosting experience. We are excited to share some of the many upcoming features and changes that will be coming soon. Here’s a peek into things that you can expect in the near future:

We see an even brighter future for the Cloud Sites product. Thank you for your dedication to Cloud Sites and for all of your feedback. Please continue to let us know what more you would like to see in the product through our product feedback forum[10].

We are very excited for the future of Cloud Sites. Keep an eye out for even more changes to come!

Want to read more about Cloud Sites and how it came to be? Check out our Cloud Founders series[11], where we interview Rackspace cloud founders Jonathan Bryce and Todd Morey about Cloud Sites’ beginnings.

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