Rackspace Cloudvent Calendar Day 16: Use SDKs

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m sharing some tips and features of our cloud that you may not know about. In this countdown I’ll have 24 posts for you, each covering a single topic or feature about Rackspace Cloud products. We’ll post one per day so keep checking back!

Using the API inside your application and programmatically controlling infrastructure is the holy grail of cloudy application design. It’s what you should strive for in your architecture. We have SDKs for you to take advantage of our API without leaving your favorite programming language. Our SDKs work with the Rackspace Cloud API as well as the OpenStack API, so you can really “code once, deploy anywhere.” A few of our SDKs are also multi-cloud capable, so you can use them with Rackspace and other cloud providers.

php-opencloud: http://developer.rackspace.com/#php

pyrax: http://developer.rackspace.com/#python
libcloud: http://libcloud.apache.org

fog: http://developer.rackspace.com/#ruby

jclouds: http://developer.rackspace.com/#java

pkgcloud: http://developer.rackspace.com/#nodejs

OpenStack.NET: http://developer.rackspace.com/#dotnet

gophercloud: https://github.com/rackspace/gophercloud

You can find more information on our SDKs on our Developer site, or on GitHub. Check back tomorrow for more!


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