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Rackspace Cloudvent Calendar Day 22: Supernova

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m sharing some tips and features of our cloud that you not have know about. In this countdown I’ll have 24 posts for you, each covering a single topic or feature about Rackspace Cloud products. We’ll post one per day so keep checking back!

Rackspace Cloud Servers (and other services) are powered by OpenStack. OpenStack is an open source project with many vendors deploying it in mostly similar but slightly different ways. When interacting with multiple OpenStack clouds from the command line using the python-novaclient, different variables must be set, like your username, API key and authentication endpoint.

Thanks to Major Hayden, you can use one tool – supernova – to manage and consume resources on multiple OpenStack clouds. Supernova uses a configuration file to store variables for multiple environments:

NOVA_API_KEY = fd62afe2-4686-469f-9849-ceaa792c55a6
NOVA_PROJECT_ID = nova-production

NOVA_API_KEY = 40318069-6069-4d9f-836d-a46df17fc8d1
NOVA_PROJECT_ID = nova-production

Even better, you can store your secrets in keyring:

supernova-keyring --set production NOVA_API_KEY

This lets you consume clouds from multiple vendors (or multiple cloud environments – public/private) More information is available on the supernova project page.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Hart Hoover.

Hart Hoover is a Cloud Strategist at Rackspace Hosting. Hoover started his career as a Racker in 2007 as a Linux Systems Administrator, providing technical support for dedicated servers. He moved to the cloud in 2009 to help design the Managed Cloud Servers support model. He has presented at various technical conferences, maintains and contributes to the Rackspace DevOps Blog, and advises Rackspace customers on best practices for cloud computing.

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