Rackspace Cloudvent Calendar Day 24: Presents! Rackspace Discounts And Partner Network

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m sharing some tips and features of our cloud that you may not know about. In this countdown I’ll have 24 posts for you, each covering a single topic or feature about Rackspace Cloud products. We’ll post one per day so keep checking back!

Everyone likes discounts – just look at last month’s Black Friday stampedes. Rackspace offers a lot of awesome discounts too, and in some cases we’ll straight up pay you if you refer business to us.

If you’re just starting out, Rackspace has a startup program that works very closely with a variety of incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and VCs with special pricing and promotions for our hybrid cloud. You can get more information or apply at RackspaceStartups.com!

We also have several other partner programs you can take advantage of:

Referral Program

Our simple, intuitive referral program rewards you for loyalty. Unlike programs with lengthy, complicated contracts, this program requires no fees or commitments. It’s just you and us working together to build a strong offering in the marketplace.

Learn more about the Rackspace Referral Program.

Cloud Affiliate Program

Our Cloud Affiliate Program lets you earn money and drive revenue through your website by using Rackspace-approved web banners and text links.

Learn more about the Rackspace Cloud Affiliate Program.

Reseller Program

Increase your trusted advisor status with your customers—and enhance your revenue—by reselling the Rackspace portfolio of hybrid cloud solutions. Resellers get access to exceptional benefits including competitive discounts; sales, marketing and technical resources; on-demand training; and more.

Learn more about the Rackspace Reseller Program.

Strategic Partner Program

We designed our Strategic Partner Program for partners who deliver enterprise IT infrastructure services, system integration, and digital marketing, content and ecommerce solutions to their clients. This program features a performance-based, tiered structure and benefits that increase along with your efforts and investment.

For more information and program qualifications, please email us.

SaaS Program

We designed this customer program to support the unique application hosting needs of independent software vendors (ISVs) who provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. You will enjoy a variety of tools, technical resources and discounts, plus Fanatical Support® to help you effectively build your applications at Rackspace.

Learn more about the SaaS Program.

Rackspace Marketplace

The Rackspace Marketplace gives our customers access to an ecosystem of third-party products that offer technology solutions that augment our cloud product portfolio. More than 150 partners serve our customers with products ranging from security and application monitoring to big data and mobile development tools. Your product would fit well in the Rackspace Marketplace if it provides a specific solution related to cloud computing (rather than a general business solution) and it’s compatible with our public cloud powered by OpenStack®.

Apply Now to the Rackspace Marketplace.

Developer Discount

Last but definitely not least, Rackspace loves developers. If you sign up for a Rackspace Cloud account as a developer you’ll get $300 in free cloud services for six months. More information on this discount is available on our Developer site.

I hope this “Cloudvent” calendar has been as much fun for you to read this December as it was for me to write, and I hope it helps you build something amazing on our cloud. Have a happy and safe holiday season!


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