Rackspace Completes Cloud Files CDN Migration!

Rackspace is proud to announce that all Cloud Files customers have now been migrated to Akamai.  This means that all Cloud Files customers, both in the US and UK are now being served via Akamai’s expansive content distribution network.

Our next step in this transition is to begin implementing new URLs.  Legacy URLs will still work for all customers.  Our new URLs will look like http://c186397.r97.cf1.rackcdn.com/rackdogblog2.png

Whenever possible, you should use the new format URLs.  To take advantage of new features which are coming soon (e.g. SSL and CNAME ), you will be required to use the new URLs.  If you request a URL via an application or Cloud Files API beginning today, you will be presented with the new format even though your old URLs will still work.

As the last step in our CDN migration plan, this milestone marks the beginning of an extravaganza of product releases for CDN and Cloud Files.

Stay tuned to the blog for more info!

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  1. Henry- We’ll see if we can scrape something up for you 🙂 Also, CNAMEs are close, we’re planning to get it out in Q2 of this year.

    Vid- We will have more details on the launch later this week, stay tuned to the blog!

  2. I’m a little concerned about the loss of PoPs.

    Limewire had a Australian PoP and I know Akamai has several, however CloudFiles is now getting resources from the US instead of locally.

    I’m very much looking forward to that being rectified.

  3. Nick is right: “however CloudFiles is now getting resources from the US instead of locally”.
    I made many tests from the first day when you changed the links for CloudFiles from “cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com” to “rackcdn.com”
    I tested again today 4 links with images using http://www.webpagetest.org:
    A – image from your blog, using the old CDN links (cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com)
    B – image from your blog, using the new CDN links (rackcdn.com)
    C – my image, using the old CDN links (cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com)
    D – my image, using the new CDN links (rackcdn.com)
    The results for my files hosted on CloudFiles with CDN enabled:
    1. for requests from Montreal, Canada: A,B,C images are served from Westlake, OH (close to Montreal) … D image is served from New York, NY, USA (far from Montreal)
    2. for requests from Sao Paolo, Brasil: A,B,C images are served from Sao Paolo, Brasil (from the same location Sao Paolo, Brasil) … D image is served from USA (very far from Sao Paolo, Brasil)
    3. for requests from Delhi, India: A,B,C images are served from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (close to Delhi, India) … D image is served from San Diego, CA, USA (very far from Delhi, India)
    4. for requests from Wellington, New Zealand: A,B,C images are served from Auckland, New Zealand (close to Wellington, New Zealand) … D image is served from Cambridge, MA, USA (very far from Wellington, New Zealand)
    5. for requests from east Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan: A,B,C,D images are served from USA (very far from east Asia)
    My conclusions:
    – Akamai CDN doesn’t work for my files for east Asia, for both old links (cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com) and new links (rackcdn.com)
    – my files with the new links (rackcdn.com) are served from close locations with Akamai only for USA and Europe, and other regions (Canada, South America, India, Oceania, etc) are served from USA (very far and slow)
    – my old links (cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com) are served correctly with Akamai
    So … I’ll continue to use the old links, and not the new links.
    I suspect that only a part of other users has the same problem with the new links, like me.

    • @Mihai – Does it mean rackspace cloudfiles is not using AKAMAI with all their locations…? It means, maybe they just bought US & EU and serve all other locations…? I’m surprised.

      Does this mean India is served from US/EU, not using AKAMAI India location ?

  4. Are you taking beta users for CNAMES? 😉 I’d like to volunteer and test our prototypes on Rackspace. We’ve been looking for such a feature to serve content here and in the uk with our specific set of URLs.

    Keep us posted!


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