Rackspace DBA Services: Expert Assistance For Database Administration

Managing databases is a key aspect to maintaining a stable application environment.

Database administrators are often the unsung heroes of the IT organization, but skilled DBAs are hard to find. Those in your team should be considered a high value resource focused on developing new database or application requirements for your business.

Today, we are adding a new layer of support to help your organization manage its databases across the lifecycle: Rackspace DBA Services.


Rackspace DBA Services allows your organization to use Rackspace’s expertise on database administration as an extension of your own DBA teams. You can call Rackspace when you need help with your databases and get expert assistance from one of our database administrators, or DBAs. There are four main reasons you may want to consider Rackspace DBA Services:

  • Rely on our team to help design the right database architecture: With Rackspace DBA Services, our highly qualified team of database administrators will help you across the lifecycle of your project, including during the critical early decisions of application architecture, such as business continuity, replication, data model and key query optimization.
  • Improve uptime and reduce incidents in production: Our administration and troubleshooting services include migration, backup, restore and advanced monitoring of your application in production with a five-minute notification time to reduce downtime and incidents that may impact your business.
  • Focus your resources on your business requirements: Database administrators are a scarce and expensive resource. By relying on Rackspace DBA Services for your Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases, your current team can focus on implementing those requirements that only you can implement, while letting our team support yours.
  • Reduce the burden on your DBA staff with our 365 x 24 x 7 support: Your business does not sleep, and neither do we. Our DBA Services team will look after your application 24×7, using our toolset of database health monitoring, replication monitoring, backups, recovery and customized maintenance plans, among other.


We can help you manage Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle databases, whether on dedicated hardware or on Managed Cloud Servers


Rackspace DBA Services offers an SLA of 99.9 percent to meet the needs of mission critical applications. Rackspace DBA Services is designed to help you across the lifecycle of your database, including:

  • Architecture and design: including architecture development, and recommendations including business continuity planning, replication, security and object administration, query optimizations, performance recommendations and design for high availability.
  • Advanced administration and monitoring: including replication monitoring, advanced restores, database migrations within our datacenters, point-in-time recovery and health monitoring.
  • Advanced troubleshooting: including database backup issues and database performance and availability issues in production.

As you can see, one of the important aspects of this service is that we can help you in the early stages of the application lifecycle, where decisions may be critical to the future of your application.

Rackspace DBA Services are premium services on top of those activities you already have come to expect from Rackspace’s different service levels, which already include basic installation and configuration, basic administration and monitoring and basic troubleshooting.


DBAs are not only precious resources, but they also must focus on things only you can do, such as developing new applications. Even if you can find a qualified DBA, they are also expensive.

With Rackspace DBA Services you pay:

  • $1,750 monthly per account
  • $175 per database server you want us to manage.

To give you an idea of the savings, let’s assume you have three database servers. On a yearly basis, you will then pay

  • $21,000 (or 12 x $1750) for the flat account fee
  • $6,300 (or 12 x 3 x $175) for the database server management

That is a total of $27,300, which is a great deal when you compare it with having to find a DBA in the six figures.


To sign up for the service, just contact your account manager. We will work with your team to get you setup. We operate some of the world’s most advanced databases and have seen pretty much everything. We can help you solve problems fast and around the clock.

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