Rackspace Developer Support: Fanatical Support For Your Code

We take customer support pretty seriously around here. Our philosophy is to include super valuable and responsive support with all our offers. For example, when you’re a customer and find out you’re going on national TV to pitch your product, we’ll be there to help with architecting and operating the situation at no additional cost. This is clearly not the standard level of support in the cloud space where even the most basic support costs a lot more on top of core cloud costs. Starting today, we take this already high standard to a new level with the launch of Rackspace Developer Support, an extension of our Fanatical Support specifically for developers.

Rackspace Developer Support marks the first time we will officially support your application code. When you’re programming your application to interact with the Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack, we want to make sure it is as easy as possible. We offer Software Development Kits for the world’s most popular programming languages. Right now, this includes PHP, Java, Python, Ruby and .Net. We are also working on node.js, which we hope to release soon.

Providing you a simple and strong SDK is only part of the puzzle to make your life easier. The other piece is to make sure you have Fanatical Support when you use them. Therefore, when you or your developer are writing code against our APIs or SDKs and you have a question, let us know. We’ll give you answers and even take a look at the code you’ve written around the use of the APIs or SDKs. If the problem is in your application code, we’ll even help you fix it. As the first step, stop by developer.rackspace.com for documentation and answers to a lot of your questions.

With the launch of this service, you will be able to contact Rackspace and reach API and SDK experts for the following:

  • Analysis and optimization of where your code interacts with our APIs, SDKs, and infrastructure
  • Help with identification and resolution of any API or SDK coding issues
  • Advice on API usage, SDKs, architecture and best practices

Here are some examples of ways you could use Rackspace Developer Support:

  • When you want to automatically create servers based on your application’s logic
  • When an application on your dedicated configuration needs to scale out into the cloud when it reaches certain thresholds
  • When you need a custom monitoring script to check the status of MySQL replication
  • When you want to automate DNS failover between data centers
  • When you want your app to automatically provision and attach, or detach, Cloud Block Storage volumes to a Cloud Server as the application storage needs change
  • When you want to programmatically grant access to a user of a Cloud Database instance

As a developer, when you take our SDKs and add Rackspace Developer Support, you get a powerful combination that will make sure you don’t get stuck. You can focus on your app’s exciting core functionality instead of your app’s boring infrastructure code.

We are excited to extend Fanatical Support to help make your cloud automation ideas a reality. And, best of all, Developer Support is free for customers of all service levels! To use it, just contact Rackspace and we will get you in contact with a Racker that will be able to help.

Lew Moorman is a senior consultant to the top executives of Rackspace, focusing on strategy and product issues. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. Lew joined Rackspace in April of 2000 and has served in a variety of roles, including as President and Chief Strategy Officer, while the company grew to $1.3 billion in annual sales. Before joining Rackspace, he worked for the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, advising technology clients on strategic issues. A native of San Antonio, Lew received a B.A. from Duke University and a J.D. from Stanford Law School.


  1. How are going to govern this type of support in terms of demarcation and change? What are you going to SLA, response, fix, escalation?

  2. Hi Jim –

    My apologies for the delayed response.

    For demarcation, in most cases we will ask the customer to provide us with the snippet of code that looks like it is not working. This snippet will be the that interacts with the API or SDK. From there we will work to identify the issue and provide our recommendation.

    We will supply the customer with the fixed code in snippet form. We never commit code, so there are no changes to track. It is up to the customer to look at our response as an example and integrate it into their code.

    Right now, there is no direct SLA for this type of support, but the support is covered in our terms of service. A Racker will respond to your inquiry to help you address your issue and take a look at the areas of your code that interact with our API (whether through a SDK or not). If needed, we’ll use our ticketing system to document the problem. You can also ask the question on our community (community.rackspace.com) and get quick help too. If the issue needs to be escalated, we will work with the group that develops our SDKs to make sure your questions are answered (or any bugs are fixed).

    Let me know if this answers your question. If it doesn’t, feel free to let me know here or shoot me an email. john.campbell at rackspace.com

    John Campbell

  3. Hi,

    I am looking for a Java API to access streaming URI. I could get temp URL from Http request but not streaming url after enabling CDN. It will be great if you can give me code snippet for this or any information on this is appreciated.



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