Rackspace Developers Invading Austin–Join Us!

As if Austin, Texas couldn’t get any weirder, the Rackspace software development team is deciding to expand its presence in the city. Residents of the area should be on the look out for developers fanatical about distributed systems, the JDK, as well as ping pong tournaments.

“The Rackspace Cloud has seen unprecedented growth from our presence here in San Antonio and we felt the time was right to spread even further into Central Texas. Besides, we’ve taken a liking to Austin City Limits and shows at Stubb’s. It only makes sense,” said Jason Seats, head of software development for the Rackspace Cloud.

Eve Richter, the Emerging Technologies Coordinator for the City of Austin, was weary at first, but has come to like their new residents. “At first, I was a bit scared of them. I mean, all this discussion of Hadoop and Cassandra and Java language bindings. Most of the residents in our fair city don’t even know what MySQL is. Then I realized they were just like all of the other developers in our town. They like beer, tacos, and live music. We are happy to have them.”

Developers in Austin are definitely welcome to be themselves. They drive anything from a bicycle to a Viper and heed from anywhere from Blacksburg, Virginia to India. “Austin has nothing to worry about–we are definitely doing our part to keep the city weird”, said Vivek Nagar, Rackspace’s new head of software development in Austin.

If you or someone you know would like to help the Rackspace takeover of Austin, check out the open positions on our career page.

Awesome photo used with permission from stuckincustoms.com (Fanatiguy UFO not included).

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