Rackspace ‘Doing It Right’ In Customer Service

At Rackspace, we’re all about Fanatical Support – our drive and mission to go above and beyond customers’ expectations to become one of the world’s best service companies.

We work every minute of every day to delight our customers. And while we don’t do it for public recognition, it’s nice to be recognized.

In a recent interview with Forbes, authors Frances Frei and Anne Morriss ranked Rackspace among the companies in the U.S. that are “doing it right” when it comes to customer service. Frei and Morriss have co-authored “Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business” (Harvard Business Review Press), a book that dives into customer service in America, how it has evolved and how it can improve. The pair drills into what it takes to perform well in America’s service industry.

According to Forbes, the authors wrote: “We live and work in a service economy…We cherish good service. In researching this book, we encountered more than a few people who were brought to tears as they recalled an empathetic insurance provider or an airline experience that made them feel human.”

When asked by Forbes contributor Lori Kozlowski which U.S. companies are “doing it right” in the customer service space, Rackspace made the list.

According to Morriss, “There are many, many examples — one of the reasons we wrote the book was to create a forum to celebrate and learn from the companies that get it right. The most interesting organizations have overcome this scale challenge and figured out how to serve large numbers of customers with excellence and grace.  Some stand-outs are Southwest Airlines, Publix, Zappos, and Rackspace.”

Thank you to Frei and Morriss for championing customer service and Fanatical Support. We’ll do our part as we continue “doing it right.”

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  1. “Some stand-outs are Southwest Airlines, Publix, Zappos, and Rackspace.” – Love that I know all of these companies so well. When I lived in Florida and we got hit by four hurricanes in 6 weeks, Publix was always the first store to re-open. And they ignored the martial law prohibiting the sale of alcohol. They knew that if we could not have our A/C, TV and Internet we damned sure deserved a cold beer!



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