Rackspace E-Retailers Rule the Hot 100

Fresh off a record-breaking Cyber Monday, the holiday season is in full swing for Rackspace’s cadre of e-retail partners.

And just this week Internet Retailer rolled out the Hot 100 list for 2013, and Rackspace is thrilled to see so many of our e-retailers recognized for their innovative efforts.

The Hot 100 list recognizes sites that can help drive new ideas and lessons to the industry and other e-commerce sites. Internet Retailer creates the list using quantitative research and qualitative analysis to determine which sites are driving innovation.  Internet Retailer names 100 e-commerce sites along with 10 mobile commerce sites that are pushing the envelope and evolving to meet the needs of their customers.

Don Davis, Internet Retailers’ editor, published a great overview of how the nomination process works and how it comprises the final list, which features up and comers and established e-retailers who are keeping it current.

Rackspace supports 11 of these e-commerce and mobile sites names to the Hot 100 – more than any other hosting provider! Some of those customers include Karmaloop, Threadless and Warby Parker, who were recognized for leveraging the social community to help influence products and drive sales.

Thank you Internet Retailer for recognizing Rackspace as this year’s No. 1 hosting provider for the IR 1000 and for the Hot 100 list!

Rackspace has been involved in the strategic planning and key decisions with many of these customers to help ensure their success through reliability and scalability, which are critical components to an ecommerce site’s success.  It is a privilege for us to support these businesses’ overall visions and serve as an extension of their teams.

Congratulations to all the sites named on the Hot 100 list this year, and a special shout-out to our Rackspace e-retailers! Keep pushing the envelope and thank you for allowing us to be a part of it!

A Racker since 2006, Adrianna leads our commerce channel development. She advocates business development and marketing initiatives to help drive online retailers to Rackspace. Prior to Rackspace, she worked in publicity at Fox Home Entertainment. She hearts travel, fashion and online shopping.


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