Rackspace Earns DJSI Recognition For Second Straight Year

Feedback is a gift–we believe it’s how we get better. Today Rackspace received valuable feedback (and all around exciting news) on our journey to “build a better planet.” For the second consecutive year, Rackspace is included as member on the Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index (DJSI). The DJSI is an internationally-recognized, independent benchmark that sets the standard for sustainable business performance.

Just because you’re invited doesn’t mean you know how to dance. In our category (TSV IT services & Internet Software and Services), Rackspace was one of 65 to be invited and one of only 13 to make the final cut. In other words, this is a great, BIG deal!

Today is a proud day for Rackspace on our journey to greatness, and a lot of work went into us getting there.

The Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), which ultimately determines who is included on the DJSI, is divided into three parts—Economic, Environmental and Social. We answer more than 100 questions in twenty categories. (Be sure to take a gander at quantity and detail of the types of questions we answer.) Companies that participate in the CSA receive a Company Benchmarking Scorecard comparing their sustainability performance to that of their industry peers. We use the assessment to validate our strengths and initiate improvements in areas where we were outperformed.

The process starts in early February—when RobecoSAM provides an overview of what will be new in each year’s assessment. In April, we get our official invitation, the questionnaire arrives and we begin the process of compiling the data. In early June, we hit submit and send the data to the DJSI team for its review.

It may be pencils down, but work doesn’t stop back at the ranch. We continue to develop capabilities and improve programs for Rackers and customers. And as the heat of the Texas summer breaks in early September, the index results are announced and we get that gift–feedback. In the coming weeks, teams will review and discuss the results of the confidential peer benchmarking–where they did well, as well as the areas where we’ll continue to make improvements. It’s a continuous cycle—and with the arrival of February we begin again .

If you are curious to learn more about how we think about sustainability at Rackspace, mosey on over to responsibility.rackspace.com.

Melissa Gray is Rackspace’s Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. She is responsible for defining and guiding the company’s sustainability strategy and activities around the globe. She joined Rackspace in October of 2009. Her prior roles include the development of operational support systems and Chief of Staff to the CEO developing Rackspace’s multi-year strategic plan. Gray brings over 15 years of business strategy and operations experience to Rackspace. She has worked for a Fortune 10 company, transforming complex legacy businesses through innovation. She holds three U.S. and EU Software Patents. Melissa received her B.A. from Western Michigan University. Follow Melissa on Twitter @GreenRacker.


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