Rackspace Elastic DevOps Resourcing – DevOps Expertise At Scale

2014 has been an innovation-fueled year for Rackspace. As Rackspace cements itself as the No. 1 Managed Cloud company, we continue to evolve what it means to deliver Fanatical Support in a rapidly accelerating cloud era. In December 2013, we launched Rackspace DevOps Automation,responding directly to our customers’ requests for expertise in navigating the complex world of DevOps.

Throughout 2014, Rackspace DevOps Automation has launched several best of breed Linux and Windows environment stacks and a DevOps Advisory service to assist customers in their DevOps transformation journey; additionally, we’ve deeply integrated with application performance monitoring tool New Relic. Rackspace certified DevOps Engineers deliver all of these services. In short, Rackspace provides DevOps expertise at scale in the form of “elastic” DevOps resourcing.

Rackspace recently commissioned a DevOps Adoption research study to understand the prevalence and significance of the DevOps movement in companies across industries. The results of the survey validate a significant recognition among global businesses that DevOps is fundamental to fully exploiting the cloud in the pursuit of driving rapid innovation. Through cultural alignment, automated deployments and agile infrastructure, businesses are using DevOps methodologies to reduce time to market by responding rapidly to customer feedback — ultimately driving significant business value and efficiency. The research shows that approximately 70 percent of DevOps practitioners (approximately 52 percent of those surveyed identified themselves as DevOps practitioners) are using external partners like Rackspace for DevOps Automation services. Their primary reasons are cost effectiveness (50 percent), the ability to focus on innovation (43 percent) and productivity improvements (28 percent). These are impressive statistics for a concept that is still relatively new but clearly experiencing rapid momentum.

DevOps is a difficult term to define and Rackspace is helping companies understand and implement the immense benefits of the concept – the culture, the process, the organizational alignment and the technology and tools. While you certainly cannot completely outsource your DevOps function, it is an inefficient use of costly internal resources to evaluate every tool that is announced as “the next big thing.” Businesses need to ask themselves: what is key to differentiate our business and how can we collaborate and leverage partners to help us go faster in an increasingly ruthless and competitive business landscape?

Kirk Bowman, Co-founder of Zipline Labs, a DevOps Automation customer, put it best at a recent Rackspace::Solve event: “Rackspace DevOps allows Zipline to focus on what makes Zipline unique.”  While Zipline focuses on writing code and staying close to its customers, it relies on Rackspace to do the rest. By leveraging Rackspace, Zipline avoids the challenges inherent in hiring, training and retaining hard-to-find DevOps Engineers itself. For Zipline, it’s a no-brainer to leverage DevOps expertise at scale so it can focus on its core business.

At Rackspace, we believe that DevOps is fundamental to delivering cloud management expertise at scale, irrespective of our customers’ workload or solution (e.g., digital, cloudy apps and many others). Part of delivering expertise at scale is transferring scale savings to customers to make it incredibly valuable. As of this week, we have cut the cost of DevOps Automation in half to a fixed monthly fee of $2,500 (a decrease from $5,000) in addition to our standard small variable cloud service fee of $0.02 per GB per hour. This is phenomenal value for customers looking to accelerate their DevOps adoption internally and improve their business. Ultimately, our customers benefit from the scale we achieve through a shared DevOps delivery model.

In a world where companies can either disrupt or be disrupted, we believe Rackspace DevOps is a new normal for consuming DevOps expertise at scale — so our customers can iterate faster, differentiate themselves from the competition and emerge as winners.

Prashanth serves as Senior Vice President & General Manager of Rackspace's entire Cloud & Infrastructure Services portfolio of businesses, including the Public Clouds, Private Clouds, Managed Hosting, Colocation and Managed Security businesses. Previously, Prashanth was Senior Vice President & General Manager of Rackspace's high growth, global business unit focused on the world's leading Public Clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Alibaba Cloud, with end-end P&L responsibility. Prashanth has held a range of leadership roles at Rackspace including leading Rackspace's high growth Amazon Web Services business and Rackspace's SMB Marquee business segment focused on Rackspace's fast growing, most critical and high potential SMB / mid-market customers. Prashanth joined Rackspace as Chief of Staff to the General Manager of Rackspace's SMB Business Unit. Prior to joining Rackspace, Prashanth was a Vice President at Barclays Investment Bank, focused on providing Strategic and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) advice for clients in the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) industries. Prashanth was also a Manager at Capgemini Consulting where he managed Operations transformation engagements and consulting teams across the US. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an M.Eng in Engineering Management from Cornell University and a B.S. in Computer Engineering (summa cum laude) from the University of Maine.


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