Rackspace Email Hosting: A Global Phenomenon

The results are in, and Rackspace Email Hosting has truly gone global.

From Kazakhstan to Ecuador; from the U.S. Virgin Islands to the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and nearly everywhere in the world, Rackspace Email Hosting has more than 2 million users and a presence in at least 159 countries (according to February 2012 statistics), showing that the global hunger for Email Hosting is great.

So what does it mean to be in 159 countries globally? Let’s break it down a little bit:

• The United Nations has 193 member states, Rackspace Email Hosting has customers is in 140 of them. That’s just shy of 73 percent of UN member states boasting Rackspace Email Hosting users.

• Rackspace hosts email mailboxes for customers in all 27 countries that comprise the European Union, and in five of the six candidate countries for European Union entry.

• Rackspace has Email Hosting customers in the 25 most populated countries in the world based on the most recent estimates available.

• The only continent on which Rackspace does not currently have Email Hosting customers in Antarctica.

• Nine of the 25 smallest counties by population are home to Rackspace Email Hosting customers, based on 2010 population estimates.

• Rackspace Email Hosting is present in each G8 representative country.

While the U.S. wears the crown, with the vast majority of Rackspace’s total number of Email Hosting customers in the world, the rest of the top 10 countries comprise a geographical who’s who. Following the U.S. is the U.K, Canada, India, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Australia, Italy and Finland.

Fanatical Support is spreading across the globe, helping us in our quest to be recognized as one of the world’s greatest service companies.

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  1. Hi,

    I am using this product, when it was webmail.us, than it was changed to mailtrust.com and now rackspace apps.

    Really it is something very nice and effective and rock solid email hosting.


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