Rackspace Email: New Features in Webmail

Some Rackspace Webmail releases have themes or a singular focus. For example, this past summer we worked on significant speed improvements and had a “Speed Release.”

Other times we release a list of features that are a) requested by customers, b) overdue and/or c) just pretty damn cool…

Our latest release was the latter. Here are the highlights:

Compose Window Pop-In
Speed is critical in web-based apps and Compose/Send is critical in email clients. So creating an improved and faster way of sending emails was a no-brainer. For users who love the flexibility of a pop-up compose window, but have been slaves to browser rendering, this pop-in is definitely for you. Give it a try.

Improved Address Auto-Complete
The auto-complete function for addressing emails is bigger, faster and smarter. It can store an unlimited amount of contacts and even remembers addresses not stored in your Contacts List. It also prioritizes the recipients you email a lot – over those you don’t.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Enable keyboard shortcuts in your Webmail Settings and never use your mouse again! Well, maybe not never, but Keyboard Shortcuts do allow you to perform many popular email actions from the keyboard alone.

“No Attachment” and “No Subject” Alerts
This new feature automatically detects a variation of the word “attachment” in your email and alerts you if no file is attached. Similarly for the Subject; an empty Subject field will prompt an alert. Both features can be toggled on/off in Webmail Settings.

Right-Click to Create Email Filters
Quickly create email filters right from your inbox. Simply right-click on a message to bring up the “Add New Filter” menu.

Invites can Send to Groups
A life-saver for all you project manager-types… Create a Group within Contacts that you consistently schedule meetings with (say “Developers”) and simply send an invite to that Group for future pow-wows.

Do you have a Webmail Idea?
Check out our Rackspace Webmail BETA to submit any and all feedback you may have… in addition to previewing new features before they’re released.

Log-in today: https://apps.rackspace.com/beta


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