Rackspace and F5 Networks for Enterprise-Class Data Center Transformation

In response to the ever-increasing pace of business, many enterprises have embarked on digital or data center transformation projects to achieve greater agility, speed, flexibility and economics.

One of the greatest challenges in that process is how to deal with the hundreds, if not more, applications companies rely on. Smart organizations realize that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work; instead they need a multi-cloud approach that allows the right workload to be located on the right cloud for maximum efficiency.

Out of that challenge comes a related one, selecting the right platform for each workload: Public cloud? Private? Colocation? Software as a service? Once those decisions are made, the next phase of work begins: architecting that unique multi-cloud solution, then migrating each workload and making sure everything works and communicates together. And that’s assuming your organization is successful in hiring and retaining qualified network, security and cloud experts with multi-cloud experience.

Our innovation history runs deep

Rackspace has been guiding enterprises through digital transformation to the cloud for the better part of two decades. Soon after Rackspace created OpenStack with NASA in 2010, we began a technology alliance with F5 Networks, the global leader in application delivery networking. Rackspace pioneered the first cloud-bursting technology to auto-scale physical servers to the OpenStack public cloud with the invention of RackConnect. Our proprietary RackConnect technology was built utilizing F5 BIG-IP LTM with iControl functionality as the primary platform, which allows customers to auto-scale to the OpenStack public cloud – an innovation that earned Rackspace the F5 Networks’ 2012 Agility Award and is still a top feature used by customers globally.

We’ve been working together ever since, offering managed solutions and services to help ease the burden enterprises face when scaling IT workloads up and out to software-defined and hybrid cloud architectures.

Industry leading tech and service

So how can Rackspace and F5 help customers solve the biggest challenges of digital transformation?

Rackspace enables customers to realize all the advantages of composable infrastructure supporting every type of application, from legacy to cloud-ready. We utilize F5 application services to help facilitate key aspects of our rapid provisioning and Bare Metal as a Service offering, which helps enterprise customers simplify app-migration out of their data center to increase IT agility. With Rackspace’s Bare Metal as a Service offering and our expert F5 application services support, enterprise customers can rely on Rackspace to successfully migrate applications to colocation, managed hosting and private cloud environments, and to the public clouds for full data center modernization.

Innovating for the future

By combining Rackspace’s breadth of cloud platform choices with F5 application services, enterprise customers will be able to create one universal resource pool for every type of application, whether bare metal, virtualized or cloud, to gain new levels of performance and efficiency and enable infrastructure to be configured dynamically for each application, on the fly.

Rackspace’s innovations in bare metal and composable infrastructure will bring the benefits of cloud-as-a-service to enterprise customers — without the risk, cost and complexity of trying to go it alone. Looking ahead, we plan on rolling out managed services to support customer-owned F5 platforms no matter the location, to accommodate customers maintaining CAPEX-intensive strategies on- or off-premises.

Rackspace is committed to helping customers simplify digital transformation initiatives. Let us be your unbiased guide. Because we offer deep expertise across all clouds, public or private (including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack and VMware), plus we offer managed hosting and colocation options in 40+ data centers globally.

With more than 3,300 engineers and 80+ F5 certifications, Rackspace can provide expert F5 application services support to help ensure your applications will perform at their best, wherever they’re deployed, through all of the stages of your digital transformation to the cloud.

Shannon Enix is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with a passion for helping customers with security and compliance in the cloud. In her current role at Rackspace, she leads the marketing efforts for networking, security, and cloud connectivity solutions. Shannon brings more than 14 years of technical marketing experience to Rackspace. Prior to joining Rackspace in 2015, Shannon held senior roles at F5 Networks and Microsoft. You can follow Shannon on Linkedin at linkedin.com/in/shannonenix.


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