Rackspace Gets ‘Foolish’ With The Motley Fool

It’s usually an insult to be called “foolish,” but it’s a term of endearment when it comes from Tim Beyers, senior analyst for The Motley Fool.

So when Beyers stopped by The Castle (Rackspace HQ) Tuesday during a break from SXSW and to work on a piece about Rackspace, we took it as the utmost compliment when he called Rackspace a “foolish company,” especially as it comes from a company whose motto is “To Educate, Amuse & Enrich.”

During his visit, Beyers immersed himself sights and sounds of The Castle. Though he didn’t go down the slide or join in a quick round of tetherball, he took the time to drink in Rackspace culture.

“It’s exactly how I expected it to look,” Beyers said. Beyers has a deep familiarity with Rackspace, having covered us for the multimedia financial services company for a while. “A company’s headquarters tells you a lot as an investor,” he added.

Beyers was quick to draw parallels between The Castle and The Motley Fool’s own Fool HQ: Senior leadership sits in cubes in the open environment; there’s an air of fun and transparency; and the decorations reflect the personalities of the employees.

Being “foolish,” he said, encompasses the balance between being serious about the work you do, while not taking yourself too seriously. While our businesses are different: Rackspace offering cloud and hosting services and The Motley Fool providing investment and financial advice, both epitomize a work hard, play hard atmosphere while being on a very important mission.

Another distinct similarity between Rackspace and The Motley Fool is customer engagement, or in The Fool’s case, meeting with members. Much like we here at The Rack love meeting and interacting with our customers, The Motley Fool cherishes connecting with members.

Beyers may not be ready to wear flip-flops to work any time soon, but he said he has several key takeaways from his visit to The Rack. When asked what those were, he responded: “You’re going to have to read it.”