Rackspace, HubSpot And Fidelity Talk Hybrid Cloud At GigaOm Structure

Hybrid cloud is a major discussion point at this year’s GigaOm Structure, which continues today in San Francisco.

Rackspace CTO John Engates, HubSpot CIO Jim O’Neill and Fidelity Technology Group Vice President Keith Shinn sat down late yesterday for a panel discussion about how they are using OpenStack-powered private clouds.

Shinn said that Fidelity is working with Rackspace on implementing an OpenStack private cloud as the first step in a hybrid cloud approach for the financial services giant.

O’Neill gave the crowd an update on HubSpot’s successful implementation of hybrid cloud that allows the SaaS marketing platform company to deploy the same image to public cloud, hosted private cloud or bare-metal servers. The move has given HubSpot a four-times increase in efficiency versus the public cloud.

See more about the session in this video.


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