Rackspace In The News: Week Ending April 13, 2012

From being ranked among the 10 most powerful Infrastructure-as-a-Service companies, to keeping long-distance commuters happy, Rackspace got some solid recognition this week.

Here we take a look at a few stories that showcased our talents.

Making The Top 10

In a list highlighting the top 10 IaaS companies – in alphabetical order – Rackspace took a nod for its leadership role in the industry. The Network World list, complied by Christine Burns with help from a handful of cloud analysts, showcases the companies that they say have the most influence in drawing enterprises into the public cloud.

Burns wrote: Rackspace went public in 2008. Since then, the company has seen a 400% growth in revenue. It beat analysts’ estimates across the board in 2011. Net income was up from 2010 by 85% to $25 million and revenue grew 32% to $283.3 million. In particular, revenue for the public cloud business – driven by a Xen-virtualized service called Cloud Servers — was up 86% from the previous year’s quarter to $58.5 million. Cloud Servers has been hailed as a very easy to use server that comes with exemplary customer service and a low price. Rackspace’s direct ties to the OpenStack open source cloud platform project will likely help build its ecosystem further.

Monitor Costs, At No Cost

Rackspace Cloud Tools partner Cloudability is giving all Rackspace customers free cloud cost monitoring, GigaOM’s Barb Darrow reported this week. Cloudability makes a platform that aggregates cloud costs and helps companies manage their cloud spend.

GigaOM noted: As business use of cloud computing rises, those businesses need to keep tabs what they’re using. Now, roughly 175,000 Rackspace cloud accounts can use Cloudability services for free to monitor how much they’re spending on their cloud services. … The goal is to make cloud IT spending as efficient as possible. Normally, it’s is free for companies spending less than $2,500 per month in the cloud, and the price after that is based on overall spending. With this promotion, though, costs paid to Rackspace are excluded from that $2,500 limit.

No Shortcuts For Super-Commuters

The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams examined the rise of the super-commuter, workers to travel long distances to and from work each day. The Wi-Fi enabled Rackspace shuttle from Austin to San Antonio was prominently featured.

Happy Workers In San Antonio

Freddy Hunt from Kens5.com took a tour of Rackspace’s Castle headquarters as part of a piece on San Antonio companies that offer unique work environments for happy workers. The piece looks at the facility and the benefits, and boasts a photo gallery to offer an inside look at the day-to-day of Rackspace.

Noted Hunt: At Rackspace, a giant stuffed fish hovers above the desk of a worker who loves to grapple with catfish. At Rackspace, comfy recliners and bouncy balls have replaced many office chairs. At Rackspace, a man named SugarBear is not just the ambassador of culture, but also the Latin dance instructor.

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