Rackspace Is One Of The 25 Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2013

It’s a great time to be a Racker. For the fourth consecutive year, our culture of collaboration and vast professional training opportunities have earned us a spot on Business Insider’s list of The 25 Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2013.

We’re honored to come in at No. 14 on the list, which measures employee satisfaction and overall experience at the companies. With help from glassdoor.com, Business Insider relied solely on employee reviews and feedback to generate the rankings.

One Racker who posted a review said that the people Rackspace hires “are mostly fantastic, so you will work with some of the funnest, best, and brightest people in the industry.”

Another Racker said that she “does not regret [her] decision to become a Racker at all.”

“It’s great to be surrounded by bright and dedicated developers,” that Racker wrote. “There is no shortage of resources and support to help us grow as developers.”

According to Business Insider, the bottom line is that “Rackspace employees are proud to be ‘Rackers.’ The company environment encourages its employees to learn and grow professionally. The perks are great, too.”

We’re pumped to make the list for the fourth year straight as we continue our mission to be one of the world’s greatest service companies. We know we’re on the right track. We put support at the forefront of everything we do so that our Rackers are engaged and inspired to volunteer their best each day.

In January, we were named to Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. This year Rackspace was listed as No. 34 for updating and enhancing our pay and leave practices, creating a Manager Survival Guide and implementing a Manager Detox program for newly promoted and hired managers.

Back in December, we were also named to Glassdoor’s list of the Top 50 Best Places to Work. We came in at No. 15 for offering a plethora of career opportunities and a strong work/life balance.

Want to find out for yourself what makes Rackspace an awesome place to work? We’re hiring.

Leezia Dhalla was the Speakers Bureau Program Manager at Rackspace until 2015, where she was responsible for coordinating external speaking engagements and developing corporate messaging for senior leadership, software developers and key subject matter experts. graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science.


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