Rackspace, KDDI and iret: Creating a Multi-Cloud Collaboration in Japan

Rackspace is proud to announce the joint signing of a memorandum of understanding between Rackspace, KDDI Corporation and iret, Inc. toward the provision of world-class quality multi-cloud professional and managed services in Japan.

Migration from legacy IT to the cloud is fueling growth in Japanese markets, as a growing number of mid-market and enterprise organizations seek digital transformation to increase innovation and expand customer services.

As public and private cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and VMware continue to grow in Japan, so does the need for operators that can migrate, operate and optimize multiple cloud platforms with greater quality and performance.

The preliminary agreement between Rackspace, KDDI and iret, moving toward a strategic alliance, would enable companies based in Japan to take advantage of Rackspace’s unmatched technology offerings and renowned Fanatical Experience.

With operations around the globe, including in the U.S., Europe and China, Rackspace helps customers accelerate the value of the cloud at every phase of their digital transformation journey. Our experts manage applications, data, security and multiple clouds, serving as a trusted partner to help customers get to the cloud, innovate with new technologies and maximize their IT investments.

As part of the alliance, KDDI will provide services mainly around network and, together with iret, will lead the cloud services market in Japan. iret is a member of the KDDI Group, providing operational and maintenance services using AWS (cloudpack). It is the first Japanese company certified as an APN Premier Consulting Partner and has been the largest managed services provider in Japan since 2013.

This preliminary agreement is a significant step toward greater collaboration to provide Japanese-based customers with the highest-level of quality cloud services support, leveraging Rackspace’s Fanatical Experience know-how.

Learn how Rackspace can accelerate the value of cloud today.

Reinhard is the Managing Director of Rackspace International GmbH, overseeing Rackspace’s businesses outside the US. He works closely with leaders of each region to help them drive business growth while implementing the strategic vision for Rackspace as a global leader in managed cloud. He focuses primarily on the international emerging markets, which cover DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. Previously, Reinhard was the VP of International Finance, looking after the accounting, finance, business services and supply chain functions for the UK and international businesses. His primary focus was to bring the essence of Fanatical Support into these functions, coaching the teams to maximize value for Rackers, customers and shareholders alike. This focus stems from his passion for our values, particularly “Fanatical Support in all we do.” He believes that as a functional leader who primarily deals with internal customers, it is important to provide a fanatical service to each other, just as other Rackers provide to our customers. Despite not having a technical background, Reinhard enjoys learning about the nuances of our products and how our customers use them. Combined with his financial experience, he leverages this interest to focus on and grow our international investments. He frequently speaks about how inspiring it is to see our strengths and culture align with not just our customers, but also with partners and vendors in order to create strong and mutually beneficial partnerships. Reinhard has been a Racker for more than ten years and is based in our Zurich office. When he’s not working, he enjoys competitive trail running and freeride skiing. He also enjoys time in the mountains with his family.


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