Up, up and away! Rackspace Launches Cloud Infrastructure in Europe

Today we officially launch our Cloud Infrastructure in the UK and to mark the occasion last night our UK office held an action-packed launch party at the Texas Embassy in Trafalgar Square, London. The event was attended by some of our current cloud customers including Betfair, Pod1 and Netbiscuits and over 20 journalists including the BBC, The Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, V3.co.uk, Computer Weekly and Silicon.com.

The event was hosted by our very own CEO, Lanham Napier and kicked off with a few one-on-ones to discuss the cloud launch and what it will mean for businesses in the UK and then quickly moved on with Demos of how to build a Cloud Server on a using the new Rackspace Cloud Pro iPad Application v1.1.1.

In addition to mobile management of The Rackspace Cloud through the iPhone and iPad Apps, we have added the ability to access our UK Cloud Offerings via the Cloudkick control panel. Now you can manage both US and UK Cloud Servers from one control panel using Cloudkick and get access to Cloudkick’s advance monitoring features.

If you are a currently a Rackspace Cloud customer and would like to deploy UK-based Cloud Servers and/or Cloud Files, please click here to learn more.  If you would like to migrate your US-based instance from the US to the UK, please send an email to cloudmigrations@rackspace.co.uk and we will guide you through the process.

The new UK cloud offerings include Rackspace Cloud Files, running on OpenStack™ Object Storage, and Cloud Servers, based on the Xen hypervisor. The new cloud platform joins the dedicated hosting platform already offered in the UK.

Today marks a significant milestone for Rackspace as we demonstrate our commitment to going global – stay tuned for more exciting news throughout 2011. It is going to be a great, and truly global year for us.

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