Rackspace Launches Highly Available MySql, Percona and MariaDB

The Rackspace Cloud Databases team is proud to announce that High Availability (HA), scheduled backups, as well as some additional key features are now available in Cloud Databases.

The new key features and capabilities we’re announcing today are:

High Availability: Now in the Rackspace control panel, HA databases are available and are the default option for new Cloud Databases instances.

  • Up to two replicas can be created for each HA database instance.
  • Database reads can be load balanced across the replicas.
  • Failover is automatic if the master fails and any failure (master or replica) will result in a replacement being automatically added.

Scheduled Backups: In addition to on-demand databases, you can now schedule automatic recurring backups for your HA and non-HA databases via the Rackspace Cloud Databases API.

  • Weekly full backups with daily incremental.
  • Specify backup time and number of full backups to keep.
  • Configuration via API.

Public IP access and Access Control Lists: An additional benefit available with HA databases is the ability to access the database via a public IP and fine grain access control with access control lists.

  • HA database instances are available on Rackspace ServiceNet or via public IP.
  • By default, access is blocked to HA database instances; ACLs allow you to enable access at the IP level.

This release however is much bigger than checking some new boxes for the offering. Today marks our first major step towards providing the ObjectRocket experience, our premium DBaaS offerings, with the Cloud Databases product.

When Rackspace welcomed ObjectRocket to the family almost two years ago, the addition of NoSQL databases to the Rackspace portfolio was the leading benefit — but not the full story. We also gained unparalleled expertise and experience with a whole new way to offer database as a service. Today you can see the results of that broader partnership.

ObjectRocket’s mission is to provide truly developer-focused, fully managed databases on the industry’s best cloud database platform for users who want not only databases on autopilot, but also a partner on the other end when they need to optimize the database behind their application. For example, our customers don’t have to worry about how and when to scale their database, we scale a customer’s database automatically to ensure there is always enough capacity and performance. It’s that extra level of service that makes ObjectRocket different.

Rackspace Cloud Databases hopes to establish a similar model, by providing MySQL services that are easy, scalable, stable, highly available and as hands-off as you want them to be. Whether you need help tweaking, tuning or finding the right solution, or you simply want to focus on your code while knowing your databases are ready, we’ll be there with Fanatical Support. The new features we announced today are just another step on our path to offering a product that delivers ObjectRocket levels of service for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona databases.

Once again, this is the first of many updates coming to Rackspace Cloud Databases, so you’ll be hearing more from us about changes and additions to the offering in the near future. More information on today’s new features can be found in the Rackspace Knowledge Center and Developer Guide. Also, if you have a great idea that we need to add into the product, let us know at Rackspace Product Feedback.

For more information about ObjectRocket, check out objectrocket.com

Steve Croce joined Rackspace in 2015 and currently works in the Datastores group as product manager for Rackspace Cloud Databases and ObjectRocket Elasticsearch. He has 15 years experience in the tech industry with roles in hardware and software ranging from development to product management and marketing. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from MIT and now lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two children.



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