Rackspace Listens!…no really, we’re serious

We’ve got a Nintendo Wii in the break room here at the Rackspace Blacksburg, VA office. We’ve even got a wicked ax for rocking out to Guitar Hero. But the reason that everyone was gathered in there yesterday was to watch our CEO, Lanham Napier, on Fox Business News. He told the Rackspace story to thousands of viewers. He told people what a ‘Racker’ is. He got called a ‘Gutsy Texan’ by Liz Claman. It was a great interview.

One point that he made several times was that Rackspace is different from the competition like Google because of our Fanatical Support. We don’t just provide commodity apps, we partner with businesses to run their IT so they can save money and work smarter.

Part of what all that means is that we actually listen to customers. If you fill out a survey to help us learn how we can better meet your needs, we actually review your feedback.

I read over a really great survey from a customer yesterday. His company is growing rapidly. They provide a free innovative budgeting tool called BudgetSketch. Long story short, BudgetSketch got mentioned on the popular personal productivity site Lifehacker.com and when a lot of customers signed up they exceeded their daily Gmail email limit.

When I read about this, and about how happy this customer was with his new Rackspace Email service (set up at 2am by our transition team, by the way), I wrote him a note saying how happy we were that his site was succeeding and offered to chat if there was anything else we could do to help him succeed as BudgetSketch keeps growing.

Here’s how that customer responded:

Hello Michael,

It is always refreshing when a company takes time to follow-up with something more than a form letter. That’s our philosophy too. We personally respond to every feedback submission we receive. Clearly you took the time to read my survey submission and it is clear that your intent is to help us grow BudgetSketch. We appreciate that very much also.


Thanks again for your follow-up. You guys are doing a lot of things right and we appreciate your efforts very much.

Keep up the great work,

Bill Barnett
Vice President – Finagilous LLC

This is what real partnerships look like. We want our customers to succeed and we listen when they tell us something…good or bad. To Bill and all the customers who have responded to our surveys, Thank You. We’ve heard you and are doing our best to help your business grow. If there’s anything else we can do, please let us know.

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