Rackspace now offering Dedicated Exchange and Dedicated SharePoint 2010 to US customers

Filed in by Angela Bartels | October 12, 2010 8:48 am

The latest versions of the industry-leading Microsoft applications, Exchange 2010[1] and SharePoint 2010[2], are now available to Rackspace customers in the US. These latest versions are currently available with our Dedicated Exchange and Dedicated SharePoint offerings.

Dedicated SharePoint and Dedicated Exchange provide secure and customizable SharePoint and Exchange hosting on dedicated and fully managed servers[3]. You retain control of user administration and can customize each application to meet your business needs, while we deploy, manage, maintain and troubleshoot the underlying application and infrastructure.

Each offering is managed by a team of certified professionals and backed by our 100% network uptime guarantee and one-hour hardware replacement SLA[4].

Please contact your account rep to learn more about Dedicated Exchange and Dedicated SharePoint from Rackspace.

Check out our Hosting Knowledge Center [5]to learn more about SharePoint and Dedicated Exchange.

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