Rackspace Now Offering Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Today, I‘m in Los Angeles for the Microsoft launch of Windows Server 2008. With this launch, our Windows customers will now have the option to continue to deploy on Windows Server 2003 or possibly on the new Windows Server 2008. Rackspace is making Windows Server 2008 available on the same day Microsoft launches it to the public, but there are a few limitations until all of our vendors catch up with production drivers. If you’re a customer, you can check with your account team for the specifics.

Windows Server 2008 improves upon so many areas, but the most exciting features for Rackspace are in the new IIS 7.0.

Here are just few of the improvements to IIS:

  • Easier configuration through new admin interface and command line tools
  • Shared, centralized configuration across a web farm (in XML format)
  • Delegated administration and xcopy deploy
  • Capable of hosting more sites with better isolation
  • Easier to troubleshoot and locate problem sites
  • FastCGI for better PHP performance
  • Much improved FTP server

Because we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and 3-times have been awarded the Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year, Microsoft asked us to be a crucial part of the testing and launch. We have been working along side Microsoft for more than a year to prepare for this launch and have successfully beta-tested with a number of customers without problems. In fact, our friends over at Mosso are already running IIS7 in production today. When I get back from LA, I’ll see if there’s anything more to post about the official launch.

Until then, check out our official press release here for more details.