Rackspace Now Supports Microsoft Private Cloud

Today, Rackspace adds support for Microsoft Private Clouds, which gives you more choice in which type of Private Cloud environment powers your business.

The addition of Microsoft Private Clouds is another extension of our award-winning Fanatical Support. When we started as a company, we provided that support on physical servers hosted in our own datacenter. Over time, this support evolved to virtual machines running on those servers, to support on specific applications like SharePoint and ultimately to servers running in our public cloud. Through all of this we identified a constant (Fanatical Support) and some variables (what we support).

Through our work with Microsoft SharePoint and conversations with many of our customers, we determined that there is a larger area where Rackspace can have a huge impact: the Microsoft Private Cloud.

Microsoft Private Clouds are already making a tremendous impact in the world. They help business of all sizes and types, including assisting the Lotus F1 racing team in capturing, storing and analyzing data from every lap of every race.

Companies whose core infrastructure and software is based on the Microsoft stack expect to move to a cloud with support for the tools and technology they are used to. Until now, Rackspace has had a strong competency in the Server OS and several Microsoft Apps – but has not extended to the Microsoft virtualization and automation layer.

Most enterprises have spent the last decade adopting virtualization to become more agile and cost effective in their consumption of computing resources. Some might call that a cloud; but it lacks a core requirement to be a true cloud, because it is in your datacenter. These enterprises have been mostly successful, but they have learned that their time is best spent focusing on their business, not on IT.

This realization has bred a new type of service: Managed Cloud.

Research shows that Private and Managed Clouds are a huge focus of enterprises. A Technology Business Research (TBR) Private Cloud Customer Research report projects that the current Private Cloud market will grow at a rate of 14 percent CAGR from $41 billion in 2014 to $69 billion in 2018. Combine this with the fact that 70 percent of businesses today are using or are engaged in a test or trial to enable hybrid environments where a Private Cloud is connected to their own infrastructure and the market is definitely pointed in the direction of large-scale private and hybrid cloud solutions.

By extending our expertise to Systems Center, Hyper-V and Microsoft Private Cloud, Rackspace is now able to support our customers from the hardware layer all the way through bare metal, virtual machines, applications and end user needs.

For a look at provisioning a Microsoft Private Cloud with PDT, check out our Developer Blog.

Hear more about how Rackspace supports Microsoft Private Cloud next week at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 in Washington DC. Our Rackspace experts will be in booth No. 1801. And if you’d like to receive more information about Microsoft Private Cloud, please signup here.

Jeff is a chief technologist for Rackspace. He has been working with SharePoint since the early 2003 product year and is the architect and builder of Rackspace’s SharePoint support offering. Jeff has designed and installed over 150 SharePoint farms for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 firms. Today he is the GM of the Rackspace Microsoft Private Cloud group.


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