Rackspace On Startups: Graham Weston

What really drives tech entrepreneurs? What makes them tick? What drew the great disruptors to technology? Rackspace On Startups is a video series that explores insights from tech evangelists and founders – from Woz to Graham Weston.

Graham Weston lives and breathes entrepreneurship. As one of Rackspace’s founders, Weston says that building a startup is all about the energy, and the excitement of wondering where a fledgling business will lead. Will it fail? Will it succeed?

While there’s no secret formula to building a great startup – it’s about finding what customers want and focusing on that, Weston says. At Rackspace, we keep that spirit alive through our Rackspace Startup Program where we focus on companies that aren’t necessarily funded by VC’s and can often be overlooked.

It boils down to innovation. That’s the lifeblood of a startup. Startups are disruptive. The cloud lets these startups innovate and disrupt inexpensively, while an open cloud gives them a neutral platform upon which they can control innovation and progress of their ideas. An open cloud enables startups to move at the speed of the future, Weston says.

In this video, hear more about why Rackspace and Weston love startups and why we want to help as many of them succeed as we can.

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Dave Sims currently serves as Rackspace's Culture Branding Lead. Previously, he was Video Manager, Lead Producer and Storyteller. His approach to telling Rackspace's story has been to humanize the technology experience by taking complex technical ideas and communicating them in a dynamic and compelling way. Dave attended the London Film School in the mid-90s and produced five feature films and over 60 commercials on three continents before joining Rackspace in 2010.


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