Rackspace On Startups: Sean Kane

What really drives tech entrepreneurs? What makes them tick? What drew the great disruptors to technology? Rackspace On Startups is a video series that explores insights from tech evangelists and founders – from Woz to Graham Weston.

Sean Kane is witnessing the London startup scene come into its own. As co-founder of Springboard, Kane is on the front lines of London’s startup ecosystem as a mentor and an entrepreneur. To Kane, location no longer matters – the startup movement is global. Teams are working to change the world together regardless of where they are. Kane also founded F6S, a Facebook-type social site to empower startups, through which Rackspace also engages young companies.

Rackspace, he said, understands entrepreneurs. It’s Rackspace’s startup spirit – the willingness to take risks and possibly get things wrong – that keeps it in sync with how startups operate.

Here, Kane discusses how the startup movement and the growth of the Internet are unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit globally.

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Dave Sims currently serves as Rackspace's Culture Branding Lead. Previously, he was Video Manager, Lead Producer and Storyteller. His approach to telling Rackspace's story has been to humanize the technology experience by taking complex technical ideas and communicating them in a dynamic and compelling way. Dave attended the London Film School in the mid-90s and produced five feature films and over 60 commercials on three continents before joining Rackspace in 2010.


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