Rackspace On Startups: Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak

Apple Co-Founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak reluctantly embraced a startup mentality with Apple Computer. Building home computers in a little garage was a moonlighting gig; a side project while he maintained his steady income as an engineer with HP. At the time, Apple had no money; but it had an idea – a home computer.

To keep Apple growing, Woz and Co-Founder Steve Jobs found angel investor Mike Markkula, who was willing to make the investment, under one condition: Woz leave HP and focus on Apple fulltime.

After some resistance, Woz relented, realizing he could be an engineer, not a businessman with Apple. It was then that Apple was truly born. And while not every startup will be Apple, Woz says it’s important to go all in with an idea. You have to want to succeed. You have to have a reason. Personal motivation, he says, can carry a budding business further than stock or salary.

“You’ve got to really, really want to make it go, so much that you’re living and breathing it 20 hours a day; even in your dreams,” Woz says.

Here, Woz talks about Apple’s humble beginnings and offers advice to startups:

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