Rackspace Private Cloud Is A Top Performer According To Forrester

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Jim Curry | February 13, 2013 12:02 pm

Rackspace Private Cloud[1] is disrupting the industry with an entirely new business model – we are combining the benefits of our open cloud[2] with the security and performance of dedicated environments. We’ll run your private cloud just like our own public cloud, the largest open cloud deployment in the world!

At Rackspace, we are not simply changing the consumption model of public clouds by providing you complete infrastructure isolation; we go above and beyond with Fanatical Support, offering companies our operational and support expertise, even for private clouds in your facilities. Leaving cloud operations to Rackspace allows IT organizations to focus “up the stack” on applications that truly create competitive advantage for their business units.

And enterprises are ready: According to the latest Forrester Wave report, (The Forrester Wave™: Hosted Private Cloud, Q1 2013[3]), this year 46 percent of enterprises are prioritizing investments in private cloud, and more than half of these investments will go to private cloud deployments in their own data centers. The great news is that Rackspace’s new business model accommodates private cloud deployments anywhere in the world: our data centers and your data centers, all backed by Fanatical Support.

Forrester has recognized our industry-changing efforts by naming Rackspace a top performer in the emerging private cloud market. At Rackspace, we leverage our experience in hosting and cloud to create a compelling product offering, a strong hybrid strategy and a robust third-party ecosystem.

“Rackspace brings its experience from the hosting and public cloud space to this market, giving it significant geographic presence, a reputation for fantastic customer support, and a large existing customer base from which to draw,” Forrester’s private cloud lead, Lauren E. Nelson, wrote in the report.

While we are happy to be recognized early during our open cloud journey, today marks just the beginning of the achievements we will make in our industry. Our goal is to take the pain out of private clouds, so we’ll offer our cloud expertise to help companies design, deploy, operate and continuously update their private cloud, allowing them to take full advantage of the rapid, open source innovation of the open cloud coupled with our Fanatical Support.

Last year we introduced our Rackspace Private Cloud Software[4], which makes it easy for companies to deploy a Rackspace Private Cloud anywhere they choose. Our software is powered by OpenStack, so it is fully open source and completely free. After you deploy your private cloud using our software, you can choose to either run it yourself or to have the cloud experts at Rackspace run it for you.

Rackspace Private Cloud Software has been downloaded thousands of times, in hundreds of countries, and on all seven continents – yes, even Antarctica! Fortune 100 companies, colleges, universities and enterprises are taking advantage of our open cloud.

We believe winning in the cloud requires great software, but in the end, it’s our operational and support expertise that will enable a true cloud service model. Our journey to the open cloud is well under way, and Rackspace Private Cloud is a key component of our success.

We would like to thank Forrester and our customers for their confidence in our new model. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

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