Rackspace Private Cloud Management Just Got Easier With Portal Updates

Filed in Product & Development by Duan van der Westhuizen | April 10, 2012 9:00 am

Rackspace has made sweeping updates to the MyRackspace Private Cloud portal[1], giving Rackspace Private Cloud[2] customers a more robust set of management tools to keep their cloud in check.

The MyRackspace Private Cloud page is a one-stop shop for management capabilities and information regarding your Rackspace Private Cloud environment. From the page, Private Cloud customers can leverage a host of new features and functions to simplify how they manage their environments.

The new enhancements include the ability to more easily resize, configure and order virtual machines. You can now submit orders for VMs through a completely redesigned and integrated online order process. You also now have the option to order copies of existing VMs, removing the need to build and configure virtual environments from scratch. We have also added a dashboard that allows you to track the progress of each order in real time.

Our goal is to improve the quality of builds by performing validation and quality control directly inside portal before an order is placed. This method can also reduce deployment times and decrease build errors through the use of workflow automation behind the scenes.

Simplifying the daily management of your Rackspace Private Cloud environment is at the heart of these new features. And, as always, 24×7 Fanatical Support is available.

A deeper dive into these enhancements is available for current customers via a Private Cloud Improvements User Guide that is accessible via the MyRackspace portal. For additional information on new Private Cloud enhancements and MyRackspace Private Cloud updates, please contact your account team.

  1. MyRackspace Private Cloud portal: https://my.rackspace.com/portal/auth/login?targetUri=%2Fhome
  2. Rackspace Private Cloud: http://../../managed_hosting/private_cloud/

Source URL: https://blog.rackspace.com/rackspace-private-cloud-management-just-got-easier-with-portal-updates/