Rackspace Ranked 6th in UK Great Place To Work Awards 2015

Rackspace received some great news this week: the UK Great Place to Work awards ranked us No. 6 on its annual list of Best Workplaces for 2015. The ceremony was a fantastic evening in London that marked the 11th year Rackspace has been included in this highly-respected workplace study, It reflects all the effort each and every one of us puts into the practices and culture that make Rackspace such a special place to work.

We are fanatical about support, fanatical about managed cloud – but we’re also fanatical about treating fellow employees (known as Rackers) like friends and family. It is this personal approach that I think leads us to success year after year in awards of this kind.

We consider the UK Great Place To Work Awards to be one of the most distinguished honours and it’s especially humbling to receive external recognition for our great company culture and commitment to delivering Fanatical Support to our customers.

Fanatical Support is not only about solving customers’ IT problems. It extends to everything that we do — from providing 99.999 percent uptime in our data centres, to helping customers architect, deploy, run and adapt their most critical IT environments. Fanatical Support is an attitude and culture that permeates across the whole company.

So what are the key reasons behind our ranking in the Great Place To Work Awards for 2015?

When I walk into our office every day, I always feel the amazing energy and passion we have for our customers – it’s a key ingredient in our number six result. Our Rackers have shown passion in helping our customers tap the power of the cloud computing without the pain of recruiting in-house experts in dozens of complex technologies.

Our managed cloud approach is far removed from that of the commodity cloud providers who essentially rent out access to raw IT infrastructure and expect the customer to figure out how to make it all work. Our Rackers provide specialised expertise to manage cloud infrastructure and its many complex applications and tools

Every day, Rackers are empowered to come in and wow our customers. Our belief is that if we put the right Racker with the right specialisation and expertise in front of the right customer, he or she will deliver extraordinary results. Having a strong workplace is a crucial part of helping them do this, as we define the managed cloud sector and the service excellence that comes with it.

Graham Weston, our Chairman and one of our founders said that all Rackers should be “a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission.” We take these words seriously, with each Racker using this statement as a guiding force. Our culture at Rackspace is nurtured by every Racker as everyone participates in the engagement projects that we have going on in the business, such as First Fridays, fun budgets, sports activities, Green Fayre, Rookie O Induction,  Christmas parties, Bring Your Kids to Work day and Diversity Day.

I want to personally thank every one of our Rackers for being so dedicated and professional in everything they do at Rackspace. Thanks for staying Fanatical and making the place we call “The Rack” what it is today!

Darren is a veteran Racker with experience across finance, strategy, service delivery and sales. He leads by example and his greatest quality is complete commitment in doing the best for our Rackers and our Customers, no matter what. His knowledge of our market and our business, combined with his passion for excellence, makes him ideal to take the lead of our UK Rackers.


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