Rackspace Rescues MariTool from Deliverability Issues

To thwart spam, email providers use aggregated blacklists to determine whether to deliver an email to the inbox or the spam folder, or reject it completely. The blacklist is a reference point for IP addresses identified as sending spam. The list is compiled from IP address traffic patterns and user feedback. Some providers allow their customers to participate in activities that increase the likelihood of winding up on a blacklist, like sending large volumes of email or repeatedly sending unsolicited email for marketing purposes.

Tom Fetcho, Project Manager at MariTool, was with an email provider who was blacklisted. “Communication is important in a web-based business and we feared losing customers because our emails weren’t getting to the inbox,” says Tom. Confidence in deliverability was his main concern, but email landing in the spam folder also threatened their professional image. “No one checks the spam folder, so either they’d think we didn’t respond or we’d have to ask them to check their spam folder, which makes us appear unprofessional,” explains Tom.

At Rackspace, we enforce strict policies to protect the reputation of our IP addresses and ensure deliverability of our customers’ email. MariTool can now be confident that their email isn’t mingling with spam in the spam folder; instead, their email gets the attention it deserves in the inbox.

Read the full MariTool case study to find out how Rackspace rescued their email from deliverability and accessibility issues with another provider.

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