Rackspace, RightScale Partner For Multi-Cloud management of Application-Centric OpenStack Clouds

We live in a world of multiple clouds: on- and off-premise, public and private, and from various providers. And managing those multiple clouds can be a headache.

Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace partner RightScale recently added new capabilities to its cloud management platform that will enable you to use and manage multiple clouds with ease. You can now manage Rackspace Private Cloud as well as Rackspace first- and next-generation public clouds, including our managed cloud offerings. You can even manage other cloud deployments you may have.

Here are just a few benefits of the Rackspace and RightScale solution:

Multiple Clouds – Single Pane of Glass

  • Uses a single interface for Rackspace Public and Private Cloud, and hybrid environments


  • Scale out when you need to. Monitors automatically trigger the creation of additional servers to keep your application running

Application Lifecycle Management

  • Provision, configure, monitor, automate, audit and govern

Manage with Control

  • Oversee cloud resources with role-based access controls, usage reporting and self-service provisioning. Respond quickly and often automatically with powerful monitoring and auditing

The new RightScale functionality now includes support for:

  •  All Rackspace regions – Chicago, Dallas and London
  • First generation, open cloud, managed and core Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Files
  • Cloud Block Storage
  • RightImages and MultiCloud Images for CentOS 6.3, Ubuntu 12.04
  • RightImages and MultiCloud images for Windows 2008 R2
  • 15-plus compatible and tested RightScale ServerTemplates from LAMP All-In-Ones to PostgreSQL Server

Check out the case study from one of our joint customers, Behance. “We provision any new Cloud Servers through RightSclale’s central console. It’s very simple, and very effective. We don’t have to spend a whole lot of time or money to experiment with new applications…we are able to keep our team focused on the customer-facing products and features that are our core business,” said Behance’s CTO Chris Henry.

To take advantage of the new RightScale features to manage scalable and highly available applications on the Rackspace Open Cloud, sign up for a free trial of RightScale. Check out this solution brief for more information on management and automation from RightScale on the Rackspace Cloud.

Also, see RightScale Sales Engineer Ryan Geyer’s post “Building A Rackspace Private Cloud … In My Garage” for more insight into how to use RightScale on the Rackspace Private Cloud. We’ll demo how Ryan set up his Rackspace Private Cloud on April 11 during the webinar Build a Better Way of Delivering IT for Increased Choice and Flexibility. Find out more and register today!


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