Rackspace, RightScale Partner For Multi-Cloud management of Application-Centric OpenStack Clouds

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We live in a world of multiple clouds: on- and off-premise, public and private, and from various providers. And managing those multiple clouds can be a headache.

Rackspace Cloud Tools[1] Marketplace partner RightScale[2] recently added new capabilities to its cloud management platform that will enable you to use and manage multiple clouds with ease. You can now manage Rackspace Private Cloud[3] as well as Rackspace first- and next-generation public clouds, including our managed cloud offerings. You can even manage other cloud deployments you may have.

Here are just a few benefits of the Rackspace and RightScale solution:

Multiple Clouds – Single Pane of Glass


Application Lifecycle Management

Manage with Control

The new RightScale functionality now includes support for:

Check out the case study[7] from one of our joint customers, Behance. “We provision any new Cloud Servers through RightSclale’s central console. It’s very simple, and very effective. We don’t have to spend a whole lot of time or money to experiment with new applications…we are able to keep our team focused on the customer-facing products and features that are our core business,” said Behance’s[8] CTO Chris Henry.

To take advantage of the new RightScale features to manage scalable and highly available applications on the Rackspace Open Cloud, sign up for a free trial of RightScale[9]. Check out this solution brief for more information on management and automation from RightScale on the Rackspace Cloud[10].

Also, see RightScale Sales Engineer Ryan Geyer’s post “Building A Rackspace Private Cloud … In My Garage[11]” for more insight into how to use RightScale on the Rackspace Private Cloud. We’ll demo how Ryan set up his Rackspace Private Cloud on April 11 during the webinar Build a Better Way of Delivering IT for Increased Choice and Flexibility. Find out more and register today[12]!

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