Rackspace SharePoint Team Reporting Live From Microsoft Press Event

At Rackspace, the SharePoint team takes pride in being part of the thriving SharePoint community and providing up-to-date information about the latest and greatest developments.  This week is no exception!  Earlier last week, I was invited to a private press event in San Francisco during which Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to share some exciting news.

This morning the Rackspace SharePoint team will be reporting live from the event, giving you the information as it is released.  The details of the event have been kept secret, but that just adds to the excitement!

The event starts at noon PST on Monday , July 16.  I will the following social media channels to share the information and once the event is completed I will do a follow up post giving a summary of the entire event.

  • Twitter : Once I get to the event I will create a specific #hashtag for the news so you can easily follow my updates.
  • Yammer: I will create a group within the SPYam network
  • My Blog
  • CMSWire

These types of events are my favorite because they allow me to connect with the SharePoint community on some of the latest and greatest things!  Be sure to join in the social conversation with me, and ask any questions you have.  I’d be happy to dig around and help you find more details.

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