Rackspace Startup Program Insider: Lanham Napier On The Vision & Guts Of Startups

Startups are willing to break away from the crowd and make things happen. Within the Rackspace Startup Program we have the distinct pleasure of working with these kinds of people day in and day out. And within the framework of Rackspace, we are fortunate to have leaders that thrive outside the crowd and make things happen. One of those leaders is the voice and the face of Rackspace. You’ve seen this guy on CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, CNBC and the BBC. He understands that entrepreneurs must have vision and guts to make things happen within a tech startup. What follows is some valuable insight on the startup realm from Lanham Napier, CEO of Rackspace.

What is your job at Rackspace?

Help Rackers deliver Fanatical Support to our customers.

What do startups mean to Rackspace?

Startups are an important creative element in our economy and for Rackspace. Many of our most demanding customers are startups that push us to do innovative things for them. Startups tend to be aggressive companies that want to change the world or shake up a market. These customers tend to have great technology vision and are critical to keeping us on the Fanatical edge in the cloud.

Explain the entrepreneurial spirit within Rackspace?

Entrepreneurs are great people. They have vision and guts. They’re willing to strike out away from the crowd and make things happen. They see a different, better world and they take the action to deliver it. Our company is an entrepreneurial company. We’re the little guy in our industry and we are competing with technology juggernauts. To survive in this type of market we have to innovate and be quite agile. This is what the Rack’s entrepreneurial spirit is all about. It’s about innovating to serve our customers in new ways. It’s about creating opportunities and delivering on them.

What is your favorite startup story within Rackspace?

I don’t know if I have a favorite so to speak. I really enjoy visiting with our customers that are startups. I feel a real connection and kinship with them. I love serving these customers as I respect their vision and courage.

Why was the Rackspace Startup Program conceived?

For a couple of reasons –

1. We like startups and want to support them. Startups are good for our company. They push us and keep us on the edge of technology.

2. Our country needs more startups. We need growth in the U.S., and startups are all about creating new areas of growth

What does Fanatical Support mean to a Startup?

Startups have a ton to do just to get their business rolling. Fanatical Support can add a bunch of value by literally making it easier for these startups to succeed. Fanatical Support can be a great partner for startups as they are launching their companies and need help. We can be a tremendous advantage to them and become a real asset for their company.

What advantages does Rackspace cloud computing give a Startup?

Our cloud and services save startups a bunch of money. Historically, tech startups have had to invest a big chunk of their capital into IT gear. With the cloud and Fanatical Support we can make IT a variable expense for startups that is based on their success. This dramatically reduces the amount of capital a startup needs to get going and helps a startup succeed.

What is the best advice that you could give to a startup?

 Pick your team wisely. For startups it’s all about the team. The team needs to be a crazy talented team that can really work well together. The hours are intense and so is the pressure.

An Insider view of how startups tend to be aggressive companies that want to change the world or shake up a market from Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier. The Rackspace Startup Program thanks Lanham for his vision in knowing that startups are critical to keeping Rackspace on the Fanatical edge in the cloud. Get all of the insider information on the startup movement by contacting the Space Cowboys today!

John McKenna loves startups and is a Space Cowboy with the Rackspace Startup Program. He also crafts customer stories and produces really cool videos for the Customer Reference Program. John enjoys telling stories through his writings…and loves the beach, the ranch, his dog Blue and most of all his three beautiful daughters.


  1. Rackspace start up program help business owners make their ambitions come to reality. They have a huge selection of outstanding accelerators as ideal associates for the system.

  2. I am interested on how Rackspace is going to compete in the market of where PogoPlug is taken on in a more of an individual Cloud device for personal use. Does this PogoPlug even compete or come close to what Rackspace is offering? Rackspace seems to be the single bullet solutions for large business, but I am wondering why Rackspace would not want to complete in this area? I honestly would love to buy for one time a Rackspace PogoPlug like device that I can maintain, but Rackspace would backup or mirror on their servers for an annual fee.

    • So with Rackspace you have a few different options but the one that is most similar is Cloud Drive, here’s some additional information on that: http://bit.ly/baaiod Rackspace offers a range of services and products that fit with everything from personal cloud computing all the way up to enterprise.


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