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Rackspace Startup Program: Looking Back at 2011

It’s no secret that Rackspace loves startups! Enough so that the company launched the Rackspace Startup Program this year and we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs drive the next generation of businesses by providing Cloud Computing hosting and coaching through select incubators, accelerators, investors and others who share our passion for startups. We are now over 30+ partners and 300+ companies strong in the program and growing. Every day, we meet these great startups that join the program and work hand in hand with our key partners in the startup community.

It was March of this year that the Rackspace Startup Program was officially launched. Since then, we have traveled the globe in search of startups, had many opportunities to attend startup events, build relationships with our key partners and tell the world about all of the fantastic companies in the program. Let’s take a look back at 2011 and revisit the adventures that the Space Cowboys participated in and some of the program companies that were highlighted through the year:

April 2011
Rackspace Salutes Startup America

May 2011
Shoot, Fire, Aim: 3 Day Startup & the Rackspace Startup Program
Do More Faster…TechStars Philosophies on Startups
Defending the Title in Vegas, King of the Apps

June 2011
The Rackspace Startup Program “Space Cowboys” go to Washington DC
Universities Team Up With the Rackspace Startup Program
TechStars Boston Demos Its 2011 Class

July 2011
Calling All Entrepreneurs… Is Here!
Grow Faster with the Rackspace Startup Program

August 2011
Startup Spotlight on Dishcrawl
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Forecast
TechStars Boulder 2011 Goes Primetime  
My Health on the Go Visits the Rackspace Startup Program
500 Startups Demo Day: Events, Karaoke & the Rackspace Startup Program
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: SeatGeek
Canada Rising  
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight:

September 2011
500 Startups Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: The Next 36
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight on Will Call
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: ATX Startup Week featuring Capital Factory’s Demo Day
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight on General Assembly
Rackspace Welcomes TechStars Cloud to San Antonio
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: ecomom

October 2011
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Storymix Media
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: YouGotListings
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Masterbranch
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: myTab

November 2011
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Friendo
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Tutorspree
Building a Startup the 3 Day Startup Way (Involves a lot of Caffeine)
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Mailgun

December 2011
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: FastCustomer
A Day for Startups at the Rackspace San Francisco Office with Robert Scoble, Eric Ries and John Engates
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Kinvey – The First Backend as a Service (BaaS)
Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: PayPerks

When it comes to the startup community, you will find the Rackspace Startup Program working side by side with startups. You will see us at demo day.  You will find us speaking in front of a group of entrepreneurs. And you will see startup companies visiting the Rackspace headquarters.  What does all this mean to entrepreneurs?  It shows companies that we are not only committed to world class Cloud Computing, we are also committed to the success of each startup company.  It’s been a great year and we are looking forward to providing more rocket fuel for startups in 2012. After all, we’re a startup, too…Happy New Years from the Space Cowboys and the Rackspace Startup Program!

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About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by John McKenna.

John McKenna loves startups and is a Space Cowboy with the Rackspace Startup Program. He also crafts customer stories and produces really cool videos for the Customer Reference Program. John enjoys telling stories through his writings…and loves the beach, the ranch, his dog Blue and most of all his three beautiful daughters.

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