Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Looking Back At 2013

It’s no secret that Rackspace loves startups! And the Rackspace Startup Program is committed to helping entrepreneurs drive the next generation of businesses by providing cloud products, services and coaching through select university entrepreneurial programs, accelerators, investors and others who share our passion for startups. We enjoy working hand in hand with our key partners in the startup community and helping them grow their startup companies year after year.

The RSP Team has traveled the globe in search of startups, attending startup related events, building relationships with our key partners and telling the world about all of the fantastic companies in our program. Let’s take a look back at 2013 and revisit the adventures that the team participated in and some of the program companies that were highlighted through the year:

January 2013
Spotlight on TrueAbility: Helping Employers Hire Great Techs
Insider with Pat Condon on Inspiring the Local San Antonio Startup Ecosystem
Straight Up Startup featuring Adam Peterson, CEO of VipeCloud
Spotlight on AuManil: The Online Entertainment Industry’s Whale Tracker
Spotlight on Tech Residents: Innovating Hiring for Developers and Employers

February 2013
Spotlight on Presskit.to: Indie Ambassador’s Electronic Press Kit for the Music Industry
Insider with Dan Di Spaltro on Getting Your Startup to Market Faster with the Cloud
Spotlight on Emergent One: Build and Manage APIs

March 2013
StartupBus Cruises into the Rackspace Castle En Route to SXSW
Spotlight on SeMeAntoja: Discover and Share Something Delicious
StartupBus Finals at Rackspace & SXSW Startup Crawl 2013
Scoble on SXSW
Inside The Rackspace Winners Circle at SXSW: Startups Using Open Cloud
Inside the Rackspace Developers Zone at SXSW: Devs Talk Open Cloud
Join the Rackspace Open Cloud Community at SXSW
It’s a Wrap…The Rackspace Open Cloud Experience at SXSW Interactive
Spotlight on OpenGov Foundation: Data-Driven Disruption to Open Government
Straight Up Startup featuring Frederick ‘Suizo’ Mendler, COO and Co-founder of TrueAbility
Robots Invade Downtown San Antonio at Robot FIESTA
Spotlight on Shoplinkz.com: Leading the March into Social Shopping

April 2013
Spotlight on PetExec: Helping Dog Daycares Manage Their Business
Spotlight on Refundo: Combining the Local Bank with Innovative Technology
Straight Up Startup featuring Ross Walker, CEO of CircleFive
It’s Demo Day…TechStars Cloud Class of 2013 in San Antonio
Spotlight on Cheersable: Say ‘Cheers’ to Friends Wherever They Are

May 2013
Spotlight on Taxi for Two: London’s Taxi Sharing Solution
Spotlight on RentHouseMap: Mapping Rental and Shared Properties in the UK
Spotlight on Plutora: Aussie-Built Enterprise IT Release Management Software
Straight Up Startup featuring Phil Vickman, Marketing Director of Promet Source
Spotlight on okdo.it: Bootstrapped Productivity Software

June 2013
Spotlight on Bucketfeet: Artist Inspired Footwear for Global Beings
Spotlight on Screenleap: Share Your Screen with Someone Today
Straight Up Startup featuring Harry Marshall, CEO of myFIVEby
Spotlight on eKita: Education Technology for the World

July 2013
Spotlight on Tutti Dynamics: Practice with Musical Masters
Straight Up Startup featuring Mike Colosimo, CEO of thrdPlace
Spotlight on RetailMLS: Search for the Retail Real Estate Market

August 2013
Spotlight on AutoRef: Moving the Auto Buying Process Online
Straight Up Startup featuring Adam Lyons, CEO of Insurance Zebra
Spotlight on Variable Action: Smart Software, Faster Websites

September 2013

Spotlight on CrowdTogether: Social Media Tools That Facilitate Community Engagement
Spotlight on ForeUP: Simple, Powerful Golf Software
Straight Up Startup featuring Adam Brimo, CEO and Co-founder of OpenLearning
Spotlight on Mijura: Stress Free Task Management

October 2013
Spotlight on Ordoro: Smart Shipping for Ecommerce
Spotlight on SocialREST: Social Insights That Matter
Straight Up Startup featuring Michael Borohovski, CTO and Co-founder of Tinfoil Security
Spotlight on Lanica: Develop Beautiful, Engaging Mobile Games

November 2013
Spotlight on Sverve: Connecting Brands and Influencers for Social Media Marketing
Straight Up Startup featuring Benjamin M. Zises, Founder and CEO of RetailMLS
Spotlight on SpotOn.it: Make the Most of Your Time

December 2013
Spotlight on Iexpress.Me: Make Your Digital Life Beautiful
Straight Up Startup featuring Sean Hamawi, Director & Co-founder of Plutora, Inc.
Spotlight on ZEEF: Filtering Information Using Human Expertise

When it comes to the startup community, you will find the Rackspace Startup Program working side by side with entrepreneurs. You will see us at demo days.  You will find us speaking in front of groups of entrepreneurs. And you will see startup companies visiting Rackspace headquarters. What does all this mean to entrepreneurs?  It shows companies that we are committed to world class cloud computing and to the success of each startup company.  2013 was a great year and we look forward to 2014. After all, we were once a startup.

Happy New Year from the Rackspace Startup Program!


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