Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On MediaHound: Find It. Fetch It. Stream It.

MediaHound is a film and television source aggregator that makes it easy for users to search, discover, share and compare entertainment content. It is designed to make finding content fast and easy. MediaHound came from the frustration that founder Addison McCaleb found in having to open multiple tabs to search multiple sources in order to watch a movie with friends. MediaHound has the capacity to change the way people find and share content because of its playlist and discover features. And, MediaHound puts all the sources from film and television content providers including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu and more all in one place.

“We love watching movies and we love sharing our favorite films and shows with our friends. MediaHound provides the opportunity not just to find a movie, but to share that movie or show with a friend and not worry about what service they subscribe to,” explains McCaleb. “The entertainment industry is at an important juncture; as the market continues to fracture, consumers need a better way to find and share content. The convergence of film and technology is exciting, and we believe MediaHound is in a unique position to empower both sides of the aisle with consumers and producers, to access the other.”

After graduating from The University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, McCaleb founded the company in San Antonio, Texas, on the idea that the best film and television content is scattered across many reliable sources and the best recommendations for that content come from the people you trust and care about. McCaleb then went on a camping trip in Yosemite and fleshed out the core design and functionality of the MediaHound site. Soon after, MediaHound moved back out to the Los Angeles area where the team works out of a converted garage in Culver City.

MediaHound created a system for discovering and sharing content based on useful filters, social media friendly playlists and an unabashedly enthusiastic appreciation for film and television. The passion for the convergence of film and technology drove MediaHound to not just build a site that gets you to your content fast but to create a platform that embraces the social networks and devices you are invested in while making it easy for you to do what you already do so well; share and enjoy the movies and shows you love with your friends.

“Right now we are focusing on improving our core product, listening to our users for what features and improvements they want and adding new features to extend our reach,” continues McCaleb. “2012 will see advances in our mission to provide access across multiple platforms. The MediaHound product roadmap includes native iOS and Android apps, deep Facebook integration and further optimization of the web app. MediaHound will become a trusted social tool for sharing lists of movies and shows.”

MediaHound has added two new core features to the lineup. The MediaHound Widgets allows any blog or site to incorporate its source results or custom playlists into their entries, greatly expanding MediaHound as a tool. And new Alerts will allow users to request an email whenever a film or show becomes available on a desired provider when providers announce new content. To continue the forward momentum of the company, MediaHound is actively seeking a second round of funding to support optimization of the web app; expansion onto new platforms; and integration of new partners, marketing, and other initiatives.

The Rackspace Startup Program congratulates bootstrapped startup MediaHound, the film and television source aggregator, for making it easy for users to find it, fetch it and stream it. Are you currently involved in an entrepreneurial venture which needs some direction in the cloud? If so, contact the Space Cowboys to find out how Rackspace can help provide a world class cloud computing platform to launch your startup.  

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