Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight on Profitably

Many times we know a small business in need of recommendations and business help. Business owners almost always ask, “Am I the most efficient and profitable company I can be?” Perhaps they are a one or two employee shop and often wonder, “What tools  can I use to help determine these cost-saving opportunities?” As businesses grow and mature, these are often questions we see in the Rackspace Startup Program and we love sharing how one startup can truly help another.

If you own a small business and are looking to grow, Profitably may be the startup with just the solution for you! Founded in 2010 by Adam Neary, Francis Hwang, and Chad Pugh, Profitably now boats 6 employees and has been able to raise both seed and Series A funding while calling General Assembly in NYC home.

Think of a web application that is able to read your QuickBooks data, analyze that information and then make business recommendations for improvement. The application provides prioritized next steps and recommendations, all while offering the small business owner the real time analytics to implement that assessment and put those recommendations into action.

The beauty of Profitably is the manner in which this 18-month old company boasts the tools necessary to help your business decrease expenditures and increase profits. Francis Hwang, CTO, attributes it to Rackspace Cloud hosting and the staging and production environments on which Profitably is built. Hwang shares, “Rackspace helps us iterate quickly and deliver customer value more quickly, so it’s great!”

Think of the possibilities, as a small business, are you switching vendors or suppliers? Perhaps you are negotiating new contracts and need to recognize areas of excess. Profitably can make your small business the most successful it’s ever been.  And it when it comes to success, there is no better place for startups to begin than with the Rackspace Startup Program.

Partnering with Rackspace brings startups and small businesses the Cloud Computing resources and service needed to grow.  Want to find out how your startup can become part of the Rackspace Startup Program?  Contact us today.


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