Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On ThrdPlace: Enhancing Communities by Empowering Individuals

ThrdPlace is a web and mobile platform that crowd sources community service and development projects. The concept was conceived as a response to a specific problem: the lack of growth and improvement in community development. Until now, there has not been a platform upon which community members could connect and collaborate around each other’s shared interests to build their communities. Now, ThrdPlace empowers anyone to be the change maker that sparks the growth of their community.

Los Angeles is a world center of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology and education. ThrdPlace was started by founders CEO Mike Colosimo and COO L DeKoven Ashley as a networking event and discussion among urban professionals in the City of Angels. In January 2012, ThrdPlace was accepted into the Los Angeles technology startup accelerator StartEngine. The accelerator gave ThrdPlace the foundation that it needed to succeed as a young organization.

“ThrdPlace is driven by the vision of me and DeKoven to use communities as a common design element to improve the quality of life of its members,” explains Colosimo. “The third place describes social surroundings separate from the home and workplace, which are people’s two usual social environments. More importantly, for us it describes someplace special. Third places are special to you and me because they are important for a sense of community.”

“We continue to witness the inability for community members to take initiative to build their own communities in places we visit around the world. Individuals display interest, ability and activity that can affect positive change, yet there is no mechanism that can capture and organize their energy,” continues Colosimo. “Right now, ThrdPlace is providing a curated Beta for a few select clients, supporting initiatives of global brands and personalities. We plan to launch public this summer, and are excited about supporting projects around the world that are improving the communities of our users.”

The ThrdPlace mission is to empower individuals with the support of their community to be change makers in that community. We all frequent the neighborhood shops, green spaces, restaurants and bars within our community. These third places anchor our community life, foster creative interactions with neighbors and let us develop a sense of individuality from community. With ThrdPlace, discover projects of interest and start projects of interest to enhance the community you live in!

Our mission within the Rackspace Startup Program is to empower entrepreneurs with the Fanatical Support of Rackspace and to be change makers within the startup movement. Are you currently working on a startup idea? Is your startup affiliated with a venture capital firm, accelerator or university program? If so, drop the Space Cowboys a note and let us know how we can help.

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John McKenna loves startups and was a Space Cowboy with the Rackspace Startup Program. He also crafted customer stories and produced really cool videos for the Customer Reference Program. John enjoys telling stories through his writings…and loves the beach, the ranch, his dog Blue and most of all his three beautiful daughters.


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